On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Big W

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Big W has a new catalogue out with a limited range of sets included.

This is definitely not going to go down as a memorable Big W sale but there are discounts on new City sets.

In the list below I’ve only included the items that are actually on sale and excluded the ones that are regular price but still featured in the catalogue.

The sale runs from today (February 28th) until March 13th 2018.

You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
60210Sky Police Air BaseCity$85.00$119.99$34.9929%
60208Sky Police Parachute ArrestCity$35.00$49.99$14.9930%
70668Jay's Storm FighterNinjago$49.00$69.99$20.9930%
70670Monastery of SpinjitzuNinjago$99.00$139.99$40.9929%
41160Ariel's Seaside CastleDisney Princess$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
41161Aladdin and Jasmine's Palace AdventuresDisney Princess$29.00$39.99$10.9927%

4 Responses to On Sale: Selected Sets On Sale At Big W

  1. kayno says:

    Of all the City sets in the catalogue, Amazon is matching the BigW price, and is even $6 cheaper on 60210. Make sure you compare other retailers (I used https://brickhawk.com/set/60210) before jumping on these deals!

    • Adam Romano says:

      Thanks, remember price is not everything, especially for a luxury purchase like lego. Purchase as ethically as possible or at least where workers can take a reasonable toilet break

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks. It’s hard to keep track of the Amazon stuff sometimes. They are usually quick to match prices but not always.

  3. Dave says:

    None of the sets are 20% off big w’s price, so I think I can hold on. But I did pick up Benny’s Space Squad!

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