On Sale: 25% Off At Big W Online

It seems that Big W are having some sort of surprise online sale and it looks pretty awesome.

On offer is 25% off toys – including LEGO.


This is an online only offer so you’ll need to use click and collect or factor in delivery.

The sale runs for 48 hours only so you’ll need to get in today or tomorrow (March 19th & 20th).

You can find the Big W LEGO range here.

It may be worth also checking Amazon, as they will most likely be adjusting their prices to match this offer.

15 thoughts on “On Sale: 25% Off At Big W Online

  1. Andrew Reply

    A quick glance shows that some of the sets they have at lower than RRP regularly are also a further 25% off. Good opportunity to get a great price on mack truck, Saturn v and ship in a bottle, for example. Less attractive on Lego movie 2 sets though.

  2. kayno Reply

    Whilst there are some great deals, they are also being sneaky. A lot of sets dropped off the site (no longer available for delivery/click and collect) and they also took the 25% off RRP for some sets, for example the Technic Stunt racer. I received this email alert from BrickHawk at 6.45am this morning:

    Hawk alert for Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer – 42095 at Big W:
    Price: $96.75 (was $99.00)
    Offer: 25% OFF

    Clearly not 25%! It was on the site for $99, had been $99 for 5 days according to https://brickhawk.com/set/42095. Yet they took the 25% off $129, the price it was a week ago.

  3. frakturedreality Reply

    Big W’s site is trash.

    Blue baseplates are on sale but green aren’t.

    Straight roadplates are in stock at all my local stores but it won’t let me add to cart for either pick up or delivery.
    Curved roadplates are available for delivery but not pick up.
    Blue baseplates are available for pick up but not delivery.

    How am I supposed to give you money?!?!

  4. Con Reply

    Saying to price check with Amazon was a good call, all of the smaller speed champion cars went out of stock as I was checking out, but they were on Amazon so I got them there. Same with the blue 32×32 baseplates.

  5. CS Reply

    That was craziness – items were literally being removed from the site as I was looking. The search results went from over 350 items of LEGO to 152 in five minutes. Most of what I added to my cart was removed – super dodgy Big W!

  6. Andrew Reply

    Was really after the Porsche but it disappeared early this morning along with the NLM2 sets I liked. Like others above, I finished up getting a few bits and pieces at amazon instead (and shipping’s free too). Would much rather have shopped locally.

    • Andrew Reply

      Whoops, having said that I see some of the TLM2 sets are back on the list, and at a lower price. So I could have done better ;). Probably worth checking periodically in case other sets turn back up.

  7. Brad C Reply

    I made an order this morning for some City and Star Wars sets. I then noticed this afternoon that the price had dropped on a couple of them, specifically 60215 Fire Station from $66 to $59.25 and 60217 Fire Plane from $51.75 to $44.25, which was a $14.25 difference.

    I sent an email to onlineorders@bigw.com.au asking for a partial refund for the difference, and wasn’t expecting to get an answer. However I recieved a response within about 10 minutes, and they refunded the amount, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

    So everyone who has made an order this morning might want to double check the prices of the sets they’ve purchased, and see if you can get a partial refund if the prices have dropped.

  8. Bruce Reply

    Yay. Got Benny’s Spacefriends. (thanks very much) Finally finally my Classic Lego Space 781 set has SPACEMEN. Or put it a different way…. Benny has got a Classic S-P-A-C-E-S-H-I-P!!!!

  9. R Reply

    Awesome – thanks Amazon

    Sorry Big W – Amazon were more convenient except for Benny

  10. Magmafrost13 Reply

    I just received a mysterious $10.50 refund from my order from this sale. Anyone else ever experienced something like that?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Basically heaps of people complained about them raising the prices just before the sale started, so they have adjusted orders based on the prices prior to the sale less the 25% off. At least that is what I’ve heard.

      • Magmafrost13 Reply

        I just got another email about it (hours after the refund came through)
        “Unfortunately we have identified a pricing error with 45 of our Toy items featured during the promotion, meaning you were incorrectly charged for your online order.

        We sincerely apologise for this error and will be processing a refund for the difference in the next 24 hours via your original payment method”

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