Coles To Roll Out In-Store LEGO Zones – Including Pick-a-brick

If you are regular user of Flybuys you may have spotted an interesting offer recently – 700 bonus points when you purchase The LEGO Movie 2 sets. It seemed like a weird offer from Coles because they aren’t known as a LEGO retailer. Well the news that I received over the weekend helps explain the promotion.

UPDATE: Sorry everybody! Unfortunately this is an April Fool’s Day post. It would be great if it was true though. I’ve had to pull the plug on this a little early because apparently Coles has been getting calls about this.


Coles is going to be rolling out special LEGO Zones nationwide. The LEGO Zones will form a small section of the store and offer a limited selection of LEGO products and most interestingly a Pick-a-brick experience.

Unfortunately this is not every store. The LEGO Zones will be taking the place of Coles Mix clothing sections (which is going online only). You can see a list of stores that currently stock the Mix range here.

The LEGO Zones won’t be opening until the second half of 2019 so there are still plenty of details we don’t know, such as pricing or selection for the PaB offering.

Here’s what Coles had to say about the plans:

The success of our Coles Little Shop™ and Coles Fresh Stikeez™ promotions has shown us that families are always looking for ways to add a sense of fun to their grocery shopping trips. This new partnership with The LEGO Group will give LEGO™ fans young and old a chance to purchase a great range of sets in-store. The in-store pick-a-brick experience is sure to be another popular addition.

Stores have started stocking an improved range of LEGO™ sets now with the new LEGO Zones to roll out in the second half of 2019. We can’t wait to share more details with our customers soon.

For those of you already looking for some LEGO™ fun we are currently offering a great flybuys promotion on The LEGO Movie 2 sets, with 700 bonus points available.

– Rebecca Leeds, Coles In-Store Experience Manager


More information can be found here

13 thoughts on “Coles To Roll Out In-Store LEGO Zones – Including Pick-a-brick

  1. CS Reply

    Bravo sir! This was very well done – I was going along until I remembered the date. It would have been awesome to have that many PaB walls around Australia.

  2. John Boxall Reply

    There are a few 24 hour Coles with the “mix” section. Imagine, the possibility of a 24-hour LEGO store with some PaB. Wow.

  3. Milano Reply

    Haven’t been fooled this bad in many years.. I guess I just really wanted it to be true! Oh well there is still always Bondi Junction.

  4. Jason Redd Reply

    I’m in ????. Come on Coles it can’t be bad. It’s a new business opportunity.
    Well done anyway.

  5. MattL Reply

    You should take this idea to Coles – it would be a great tie in with the Lego Masters TV show.
    P.S. Has anyone spotted the new stud free sets yet?

  6. Andrew Reply

    Was just about to complain about none of these stores being in my local area when I checked the date. Great get, Michael, well done *thumbsup*

  7. Matt Reply

    You’ve nailed the faux sincerity of concept selling in a press release and it must be interesting to see the real world reach of the website translating to multiple phone calls. However I hope for your sake Rebecca Leeds isn’t a real person working for Coles 😉

    • Michael Post authorReply

      If there is a Rebecca Leeds working for Coles it’s one hell of a coincidence.

  8. 1 sad MF Reply

    This is the only April fools joke that’s ever tricked me, I was so bloody excited, how could you play you with people’s hearts like that. So cruel. Hahahahahaha

  9. Terry Reply

    A day late and I still got fooled! Bravo bravo! Well played sir!

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