New Polybag Range Showing Up At Woolworths Stores

The 2019 Polybag collection has been spotted at several Woolworth stores around the country.


In total there are 5 different options.

  • 30363 Race Boat (City)
  • 30408 Tulips (Friends)
  • 30529 Mini Master-Building Emmet (The LEGO Movie 2)
  • 30533 Sam-X (Ninjago)
  • 30572 Race Car (Creator)

Each polybag will set you back $6. Hopefully your local Woolies got some in.

A huge thanks to Jennifer for the great picture.

2 thoughts on “New Polybag Range Showing Up At Woolworths Stores

  1. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Didn’t see any of these new bags at Woolies Beenleigh when I was there on Tuesday.
    Some TLM2 CMF and some of the small sets like the police car was all they had.

  2. Charlotte Reply

    Wow that Creator Race Car is pretty disappointing! I was hoping the Popcorn Cart Polybag would end up at Woolies (I think it was a Walmart exclusive but sometimes those exclusives pop up here). But I set my hopes too high I see. Lol!

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