13 thoughts on “On Sale: 20% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    Curiously Im seeing a few long-discontinued sets in that list, including a bunch of the Rogue One sets, and, most notably, 75054 AT-AT. I wonder if those are actually available or if its some strange mistake…

    • Aidan Reply

      You can’t actually buy them, I tried with the Horizon Express.

      • Harry Reply

        I tried as well. There is no buy now button so I’m guessing its unavailable

    • Paul Reply

      Were you informed it was out of stock? The buy it now function is still there.

        • Paul Reply

          Thanks Luke. That’s really disappointing that they leave it available for people to purchase then

        • Dylan Underhill Reply

          I ordered corner garage and assembly square and they dispatched the corner garage (but no square). I then got square off imrickjamesbricks for $288 so can’t complain!

  2. Brendan Jackson Reply

    Couldn’t buy anything. All ‘sold out’. Very disappointed.

  3. Nicole Reply

    I’m not sure if the sale will end up going through but eBay just let me buy Corner Garage with the 20% discount but only if I selected Click and Collect from my local store and not if I selected to have it delivered. Based on comments above I’m thinking the sale may end up being refunded but my fingers are crossed 🙂

    • Nicole Reply

      Got confirmation this afternoon that my order is ready to pick up tomorrow in store. It’s a shame the purchasing of Corner Garage is so glitchy as I couldn’t get it to work on June 4th but was able to on June 6th

  4. Paul Reply

    I purchased after Luke was notified it was out of stock. I got shipping notification today from Myer for Corner Garage 🙂

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