Space Rocket Ride Promotion Now Live

If you have been holding off on an order while you wait for this promotion your time to buy is now.

If you spend over $159 you’ll get this super cute Space Rocket Ride set for free.

Space Rocket Ride

We all know how quickly these promotions have gone lately so I’d get in quick.

If you are buying the Apollo 11 Lander you may also get an embroided patch too.

You can find more details of the promotion here

19 thoughts on “Space Rocket Ride Promotion Now Live

  1. CS Reply

    You don’t get the embroided patch as I found out. Lego’s terms and conditions have gotten really miserly as they now say one free gift cannot be combined with another – I say come on LEGO don’t we spend enough that you don’t have to be jerks! Let us have two free gifts and bring back the generosity of LEGO of years gone by as it has properly dried up – no make and takes, limited gifts with purchases what’s next…

    • Andrew Reply

      Agreed. It does seem overly stingy, and what are they going to do with the left over patches anyway? However, i’m pleased the Lunar Lander is still in stock today *thumbsup*.

    • Stephen Reply

      The “can’t stack promotions” thing is sort of fair enough (it’s pretty standard for all other retailers) – *except* that they tend to run these things simultaneously. Why run two mutually exclusive promotions at the same time, rather than staggering them? It is especially odd given both have a space tie-in so would seem to appeal to the same customers.

      I’d also love an opt-out option for these free gift promotions – they never seem to be removable from the cart. I’ve loved a lot of them, but some others (usually the seasonal ones like the little Christmas ornament things) I haven’t really cared for and would have been happy to leave for someone else to enjoy. (I’m not an established bricklink seller so the logistics of moving them on aren’t especially attractive either).

      And then there’s the issue of the lack of stock in the store. Two items I was interested in – Steamboat Willie and the fun fair people pack – were sold out this morning, and one of those was brand new. They need to get on top of that, as it is now a running joke.

  2. Andrew Reply

    On a different topic, but in theme ;). Am I reading the Ideas site correctly, and the ISS is the fan-voted model that won the recent “second chance” competition? Blimey I hope so, that would be awesome.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      I’ll try and get a post up about this tonight. I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even get a chance to post about the vote.

      • Andrew Reply

        Cheers, Michael, I just wanted to be sure I’d read it right. Thanks, too, for the heads up on the Arcade Rocket, I was able to hold off on ordering the LM so I got that too. Much appreciated.

  3. JJ Reply

    again I find myself repeating myself and the 1am purchase to be sure I get one…..its only the Australia warehouse/distribution that gets miserable allocations.

    I was able to score myself a lunar lander, a patch and the rocket ride at 12:40am.

    • Sam Reply

      How did your order allow 2 FREE Promotional gifts & Stephen’s didnt??

      • JJ Reply

        it doesn’t add the patch to the cart, it only added the patch once you go to the checkout….possibly he didn’t go that far….

  4. TeufelHund Reply

    Everything I was interested in was “temporarily out of stock”. Well Played Lego…well played.

      • Nicole Reply

        Oh dear Lord what a horrendous thought…that our banks might start talking to Lego and telling them we’ve had our quota of sets 🙂 ????

  5. Mark Reply

    Looks like its gone, not auto adding to cart anymore. I tried for hours last night trying to place an order but kept getting error when submitting order so missed out. I see Dreamworld Lego Store have them now, same offer.

    • Andrew Reply

      Looks like the patch is withdrawn as well, despite originally being advertised as being longer term. Lego Australia really do need to get on top of their demand estimation. Those of us not near a store have no alternative.

    • Sam Reply

      I had the same problem. I tried 6 times to put an order through with the bonus rocket in my cart but it kept saying error during the card processing. I therefore missed out and another promotion only lasts 24 hours. I will send LEGO Australia an email demanding that we return back to the European Warehouse. This is an absolute farce!!!!!

      • JJ Reply

        As I repeat again, the Australian warehouse is a debacle.

        I would much prefer to wait 2 weeks for my international freight to arrive and be able to pick any item……….eg, go back to the overseas offshore warehouse that always had ample stock and GWP’s

        and also…it would be nice added bonus to know that I don’t have to stay up to put an order in just after midnight…of the day a promo goes active to be able to secure a collectable GWP that i must have!!

        • JJ Reply

          I guess I was extremely lucky…I didn’t experience the credit card processing issues others…. as I was lucky enough to score my stash with VIP points alone.

  6. JJ Reply

    FYI.. looks like this promotion has been extended to the 18th..THANKS LEGO FOR LETTING PEOPLE KNOW <– sarcasm.

    only found out as it just appeared in my cart.

    from 05/06/2019 to 18/06/2019, or while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than $159 (AU) / $179 (NZ) / £85 / 85 € / 2210 K? / 100 CHF / 635 kr. (DK) / 810 kr (NO) / 880 kr (SE) / 375 z? / 27775 Ft in LEGO merchandise only.

    • Mark Reply

      Just noticed it myself, it appeared in my cart, still getting red error message box when I try to submit my order though!!!! Grrrrrr!

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