Toys R Us Is Coming Back

It seems that Toys R Us is returning from the dead.


Online retailer Hobby Warehouse are reviving the brand, with plans to launch online and eventually have a physical presence too.

Those hoping things will immediately return to how they were you may want to temper your expectations slightly. This is a new entity and as such all of the exclusives will need to be renegotiated.

It’s certainly a good thing in terms of competition. I’m treating this news with curious interest – Hobby Warehouse loves to get in on an eBay sale, but their prices are not always spectacular.

You can find out more details about the relaunch on the Toys R Us website. The current plan is for a June 12th online launch.

3 thoughts on “Toys R Us Is Coming Back

  1. Daniel Reply

    Hobby Warehouse seem to be serial offenders at offering steep “discounts” of above RRP. Basically fake sales where you have to look up the RRP to see if there is any savings you’re making. If this revived Toys R Us tries the same tricks, they may find with a higher profile from a well known name to leach off they will run afoul of the Consumer Ombudsman.
    Having said that they do have a good range, particularly on slightly older sets. I have bought from them in the past when I have picked through and found a competitive price, and had no complaints on the service I received. As you say, the more competition the better it is for consumer.

  2. Dave Reply

    It will be interesting to see if this is any more than a rebrand of Hobby Warehouse, or whether any of the affiliations between TRU and Lego are reestablished- exclusives, bricktober etc.

    I’d love an opportunity to buy Ninjago City on discount!

    • Andrew Reply

      If you can, do it. Definitely my “most recommended” of 2018. Was lucky enough to get it in the last TRU sale.

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