On Sale: 40% Off The LEGO Movie 2 Set At Target

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It looks like The LEGO Movie 2 sets haven’t exactly been flying off the shelves, with some heavy discounts happening.

The latest example is from Target. On offer is 40% off the regular prices on all LEGO Movie 2 sets both online and in-store.

While the movie wasn’t a runaway success like the first the sets themselves weren’t bad. Certainly more tempting at these discounted prices.

You can find the online listings here.

3 Responses to On Sale: 40% Off The LEGO Movie 2 Set At Target

  1. Troy says:

    Check your local Kmarts too: they’ve dropped heavy discounts on some bigger TLM2 sets. For example, 70835 (Rex’s Rexplorer) is $69, 70828 (Pop-up Party Bus) is $49, and 70830 (Systar Starship) is $39. My store didn’t have the new clearance prices signed, so scan sets to be sure!

  2. Magmafrost13 says:

    I’d been pretty on the fence as to whether I wanted to buy the Rexcelsior, but its pretty hard to pass on at $150. Wish I’d seen Troy’s comment before I went and bought the Party Bus from Target too though… Ah well the effort of returning it isn’t worth the difference to me.

  3. Andrew says:

    My local K-mart had Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace for $65. Not many left though.

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