On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

Just as the Big W 20% off sale ends, we get a new offer worth checking out.

From today (August 12th) until August 18th David Jones are offering 25% off all full priced toys – which as you may have already guessed includes all their LEGO.

That’s what I love about David Jones, they’ll discount everything without discretion.

As always with a David Jones sale you won’t see the discount until you add an item to your bag.

You can find their LEGO range here.

8 thoughts on “On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

  1. Alex K Reply

    Great effort telling us about this deal, But it’s only click and collect and no items are available in Melbourne. Anyone having trouble of it it just me? Also when i sign in the discount is only like 10%

    • Michael Post authorReply

      This should be 25% on all LEGO, but some items will only be available for click and collect. Do you have a specific example of something not giving you the 25% off discount.

      • Alex K Reply

        When I sign in none of them give me 25% off, When i don’t sign in can get a $899 Falcon but only pick up location is country W.A when i’m in Sydney. All good pal you do a great job. 😛

  2. rartelif Reply

    If you would like to purchase something over $150, make sure check out as guest. As there is another promotion is currently live: spend $150 and get $50 off. So if you purchase a few small sets up to $150 before 25% off discount, you will be marked $50 off at checkout when you sign in, it’s up to 33% off.

    • Andrew Reply

      Thanks for the heads up. How do you get the $50 off? I put enough in my cart and selected guest check out but wasn’t given the extra discount. I guess it isn’t live any more?

      • rartelif Reply

        Correct. Was 2 offer yesterday but spent $150 and get $50 off is expired today.

  3. Ivy Reply

    Only click and collect for creator expert theme 🙁
    I hope they will start delivering again

  4. Matt Reply

    Melbourne CBD has the Millennium Falcon in store for $899. There are a few new sets as well but the range overall is a bit disappointing.

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