10907 World Animals is a world of fun (and animals)

Today I am taking some time to embrace my inner toddler as I check out the big new Duplo set 10907 World Animals.

As the name suggest World Animals is a trip around the world exploring the animals found in each region. It’s a concept that LEGO has done in the past and in theory it’s a great way to teach kids about the world and animals.

For each part of the set I’ll be looking at two factors that are very important when it comes to a Duplo set and impressing a toddler: Cuteness and Coolness.



Let’s kick things off with something close to home – the Australian section. The set description refers to this area as “a tropical beach” but I’m claiming it as North Queensland. It comes with Nemo – it’s got to be here.

This section of the set features a really nice sandcastle build with a flag. I have a son who practically lives in his sandpit so this part was a hit with him. There is also a palm tree and a really great van.

The animals included are a clownfish (that blows bubbles underwater) and a toucan. Toucans are from South and Central American rainforests but I think this is just the most interesting bird mold they had available. It’s still cute.

There are two figures associated with this area – a father and daughter wearing nice blue and yellow wetsuits.


The set comes with Nemo – that is both cool and cute. The sandcastle is really cool. The van is really cool too. The dad and little girl are wearing matching wetsuits and that is cute.

African Savannah


You just can’t do a world of animals without including some of the big names from Africa. In this set we get an adult and cub lions as well as adult and calf giraffe. All four animals are fantastic but I really love the articulation on the adult giraffe. It allows you to pose it in some great ways.

The build for this area is more substantial with a large structure that is a mix of stone, tree and waterfall. I really like the flat elements used for the treetops, and the trans blue elements for the waterfall.

The figure provided for this part features a cap, blue pants and an open yellow jacket. The best part is the camera that is provided for this figure. It’s funny how a single piece can have so much play value on its own but I found that to be true with the camera. It’s fun to pretend to take photos of all the animals.



Lions are cool – this is a fact. The giraffes that are included are both really cute. This bit has the camera and you can use it to take photos of the animals and it has a waterfall and trees for the giraffes to eat. So cool.

North American Forest


From Africa we head to North America with some lovely pine trees. The two tree builds are a bit lacking when you compare it to the picture on the box with its animated river. You do still get the canoe so I guess you’ve got to imagine the river flowing through the forest.

You get 4 animals in this part of the world tour: Adult and baby deer, bunny and squirrel.

You also get another adult and child figure combo. This time a dad and son.


This bit has the smallest of the animals and they are so cute and tiny. It has a cool orange canoe that you could totally put in the bath. That’s cool.



Things cool down a bit with a trip south to Antarctica. This area is a fairly small build but it does incorporate a slide element.

Playing in the ice and freezing waters are a penguin, adult whale and baby whale. The adult whale is huge.


The mummy whale and baby whale are both so cute. The mum whale floats in the bath which is cool. It has a slide and you can make the penguin or the people go down it. Very cool.



Our final stop is the bamboo forests of China. This build is the largest of the 5 and is the only one to feature “buildings” rather than just scenery. It’s quite a nice build.

There are no figures provided here but you do get an adult and baby panda.


Panda’s are like giant teddy bears and if you watch panda videos they seem pretty dopey. Which means pandas are cute. This part of the set has opening and closing doors which is cool, but the big panda doesn’t fit in any of the doors which is not cool.

Duplo Airlines


You couldn’t have an around the world trip without a plane and that’s exactly what you get to round out this set. The nice yellow plane won’t fit all of the figures in it but it does come with a great female pilot figure to take everybody else on their trips.


Yeah it’s a pretty cute plane. You can put the people inside the plane and fly it around which is cool.


10907 Duplo World Animals has an RRP of $169.99 which seems pretty steep but you get a huge collection of animals. The cheapest price I can seem to find is $122.95 from Amazon Australia.

This set was provided to me by LEGO at my request. Opinions expressed above are my own.

Iconography used in this review consists of Love cute by Alfonso López-Sanz from the Noun Project and cool by Xinh Studio from the Noun Project

2 thoughts on “10907 World Animals is a world of fun (and animals)

  1. Hugh Reply

    Did LEGO label the first one as Australia or is that something you determined? Either way, it’s obviously South America. The people look like Latinos and the fish is definitely not a clownfish; it’s a totally different shape.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      That was my call. LEGO just says “Tropical Beach”. Tanned Aussie surfer dad with a van just felt right.

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