First Look At The Chermside LEGO Store

The rollout of LEGO certified stores continues with the official opening of the Chermside LEGO Certified Store tomorrow. Located on the North side of Brisbane this store is the third for Queensland, following the Dreamworld store and the Robina one.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to a preview event tonight and anybody attending the store’s official opening tomorrow is in for a treat.

The Pick-a-brick wall features (by my count) 128 spots, with the ones out of reach duplicated. It was a really impressive selection of parts and there were plenty of parts that I could have filled a cup with by themselves. Cups are the same price as other certified stores – $14.99 for a small and $29.99 for a large.


The store also features a build-a-minifigure station, which at the moment is stocked with some great exclusive parts for making some Halloween minifigures. It will cost you $19.99 for three minifigures.

There are also two fantastic additions that you need to check out in person – first is the amazing Story Bridge mosaic. The second is a brick-built sculpture of a huge crocodile and minifigure. Both of these are creations from Ryan McNaught and his team.

chermside-lcs-1 chermside-lcs-30

If you are attending the opening you’ll be pleased to know that all the exclusives are in stock and ready to go. There seemed to be plenty of Ideas Friends sets, but they may not last long.

Anybody who spends $199 or more will receive the free LEGO Store Opening promotional set. The first 100 customers will also get a free gift.

This store is operated by the same company as the Robina, Broadway, Bondi and Doncaster stores. All share a common VIP program allowing you to earn points for your purchases. Signing up can be done at point of sale.

More pictures from the night below.

5 Responses to First Look At The Chermside LEGO Store

  1. Debbie Cain says:

    I love Lego and to see a Huge store of Lego is mind blowing best store ever that chermside has opened up . Amazing stand back and have a look and to think it is little tiny bricks that made it blows my mind .

  2. Gavin says:

    Made the trek there yesterday for the opening. Decent size store with lots of stock and friendly staff. Obviously it was very busy with it being opening day but plenty of staff on hand to assist or restock shelves. Some of the guys from LEGO Masters were there to greet the crowd as they staggered entry due to the volume of people. Lots of variety on the PAB wall and plenty of plant elements and dark red masonry bricks. Minifig build station had some elements I hadn’t seen before like a black terrier, snowboard and the above mentioned Halloween parts. The big mosaic was cool to see and definitely captured Brisbane’s iconic bridge well.

    I’ll be back and I’m keen to see how often the PAB wall changes. Good to have one this side of the river.

  3. nwmhot says:

    I wonder why there is more of a market for these stores in Brisbane/Gold Coast than Melbourne. Despite Melbourne having twice the population there are only two stores Chadstone and Doncaster which are long drive (terrible traffic) for anyone living in Melbourne’s west. When will Melbourne’s west get a store?

    • Andrew says:

      After Canberra gets one. Just one, I’m not greedy :D

    • CS says:

      I would trade all the stores in Brisbane for the store attached to the Discovery Centre as it gets exclusive items nowhere else can – LEGO Land theme park items are awesome but the cost goes up if you have to travel to Melbourne!!

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