Exclusive Black Friday Minifigure Not Available Until After Black Friday

I don’t know why but the exclusive Black Friday minifigure that was meant to be available from November 29th to December 2nd is now only going to be available on December 2nd.


This is a bit odd and it creates a tough situation for anybody getting a 1989 Batmobile – do you buy it on release and get the bonus mini Batmobile, or do you hold off until December 2 and hope that the mini Batmobile isn’t sold out so you can try and get both promos? I honestly don’t know what I’d do.

Via LEGO.com [affiliate link]

13 thoughts on “Exclusive Black Friday Minifigure Not Available Until After Black Friday

    • CS Reply

      While I agree that this is a first world problem – you are on a LEGO site so they are all first world problems! This kind of seriously irked me as for once all the promos lined up – you could get the mini bat mobile, tree and minifigure with one purchase and given how stingy LEGO has been lately that was a nice surprise. Now it feels like a tactical decision to pull the third promo to make sure there is extended spending. I want to love LEGO but it feels like the company is losing itself to greed (GWPs have higher and higher spend limits, VIP points are worse and worse, practically no make and take events and list goes on…). I think I am going to roll the dice and if there are no GWPs left then I will get the bat mobile at another time.

      • Mark Reply

        I guarantee those dice are loaded. There’s no way the Batmobile with that mini version GWP will last until the 2nd. I think someone at LEGO realised giving away three excellent GWPs in one transaction was a steal.

        • Kcy Reply

          Agree with all, Lego seems to be getting greedy. Very high spending limit to get GWP.

          Btw, does anyone know how to redeem the VIP points towards purchases?

          • Andrew

            When you’re logged into the Lego site you should see a minifigure head icon top right of your screen. Clicking on that brings up your account summary, it should have a VIP icon there and say “sign in to the reward centre”. Click on that, it takes you to a new site.

            On the rewards site it should tell you how many points you have. You may need to register at this site with your lego Id if you haven’t already done so.

            Select Rewards from the menu, then scroll to the type of order (phone/online) you want and the value you wish to redeem. Select the appropriate item and you’ll get a code (you may need more than one for amounts in between those shown – this is ok, you can use more than one on an order)

            Go back to your lego.com order and add the code (s) you have when prompted.

            A trap for young players is that codes, once generated, are only valid for 30 days, so don’t stockpile them if you aren’t planning purchases.

          • Kcy

            Hi Andrew, thanks for your explanation. I can’t seem to reply to your meesage so I’ve replied to my own.

            I think there’s something wrong with the website because there’s no option appear on my VIP Rewards under Money off the next shop at lego.com.

            There is no selection for any value to redeem, it is simply just a heading which says “Money off the next shop at Lego.com”

          • Andrew

            Hi Kcy, I seem to be having the same reply issues. I’ve just checked on the rewards site and it seems to be working normally for me. I’d suggest first up opening an “in private” (Edge) or equivalent session in other browser, and navigating directly to rewards.lego.com in case you have a cookie issue. You can also try deleting your cookies if you’re willing to do that. Do you have options under the other headings (money off phone order, VIP rewards etc)?

            Failing that you may need to chat to customer service.

          • Kcy

            Hi Andrew, I was in incognito mode for Chrome. I’ve tried just about every common browsers available on mobile and computer and same issue. So I rang up the customer service (40 mins on the line to speak to someone). They finally figured out that the locality of my account for some reason is not Australia. It has a locality/region somewhere else which does not have access to Lego online store. Strange. I will wait for a few hours for the system to update my account. Thanks very much for your help. Wouldn’t know something wrong if you haven’t told me the redemption process. Thanks again

          • Andrew

            Awesome. Enjoy your purchases and I hope you get any discounts/GWPs you were after.

  1. Andrew Reply

    On a vaguely related matter, Michael have you heard when/if we can expect the 40337 Gingerbread House GWP? Thank you

    • Sam Reply

      Sorry to butt in but I was informed 6th-24th December. Michael can confirm this??

      • Andrew Reply

        Thank you. So it looks like this won’t be combinable with any of the current promotions or sale prices then 🙁

  2. Sam Reply

    Hey Michael, have you heard of the continual failings of the online website since LEGO Australia assumed the warehouse distribution??
    Why is VAT still appearing on transactions & not GST, & most importantly, why have LEGO Australia not changed the timezone on the website to AEDST???
    It still runs on British time. These Black Friday Time countdowns are pointless. I ordered on the VIP weekend at 1am Saturday morning 23rd Nov (1 hour into the VIP Promotion). I ordered over $200 & a 40338 Xmas tree was added to my cart & transaction then completed.
    5 mins later I get the email order confirmation & the Xmas tree is no longer in my order. I then check my VIP account order status & the order is listed as 22nd Nov, just like the old European warehouse order dates.
    I then contact LEGO Australia online by phone & I get Singapore (when did they outsource Customer service??). Suffice to say, I have still not received my 40338 Xmas tree even though they tried to make a new order for me.
    I don’t want this same mistake happening to me or any other VIP during the 1989 Batmobile promotion which is supposed to start at midnight this evening but I can’t trust this website anymore. My apologies for the long winded rant.

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