LEGO’s Marvellous Mustang

I have never been a car person. My technical knowledge doesn’t extend much beyond “they’ve got wheels and a motor”. Having said that, there are a few cars that have broken through my indifference. The cars that have become popular culture icons in their own right. One such car is the Ford Mustang. When the Creator Expert Ford Mustang was first leaked I knew I’d be getting one.


The set features an impressive 1471 pieces with a build split over 6 sections.

Building a legend

I’m not going to go in to the construction process step by step in a lot of detail, because I feel that a lot of the joy from a Creator Expert set comes from the build itself.

The base of the Mustang features a decent amount of Technic elements, which are required for a lot of the extra functionality that has been added to the model. The technic also gives you a nice solid frame.

There are a lot of fun techniques utilised throughout this build to achieve some great details. For example the seats are built using SNOT work that allows for added texture to be included. The designers have done a great job of capturing curves and the overall body shape really well.


Early on in the build it’s incredibly satisfying when you connect the steering wheel and see it actually work. It also shouldn’t be particularly difficult to switch it to right-hand drive if you are so inclined.


While there is some required symmetry to the model there was no part of the build process that felt laborious.

As the model was built I found myself surprised by the scale of it. It’s both longer and wider than I expected.

Standard Inclusions

The set features a working steering mechanism. It’s a little fiddly to reach in with the roof on to turn the wheel but it certainly works if you want it to. It’s one of those nice inclusions but not a huge plus if this is going to be a display piece.

If you do want to gain access to the interior the roof can be very easily popped out. This allows you to have a better look at the interior with it’s seating for 4, gear shift, stickered dash and printed gauges.

Both side doors also open to allow you better access to the interior.

The hood opens to reveal a detailed engine bay with big block V8 engine. I really love that they built the engine around a standard 2×4 brick. It’s a nice little touch. The engine bay features some more of the sticker details.



Once the Mustang is built you are then presented with a selection of additional mini builds. These builds provide a great range of after-market upgrades. There is a supercharger, rear ducktail spoiler, beefy exhaust pipes, front chin spoiler and a nitrous oxide tank. Adding all of these additions really changes the overall look of the car. I personally like the standard version over the hotted up alternative.


For a little less extreme customisation you get a range of licence plates to choose from.


Buying guide

This set has an Australian RRP of $199.99 and I honestly think if that was the only option it would still be worth getting. It’s a really good build and an awesome display piece. If you are open to paying full RRP I’d definitely go with the option [affiliate link] and aim for a good GWP.

If you are patient you may be able to find this set for 25% off at David Jones, bringing it down to $149.99. A more realistic aim is probably going to be 20% off RRP or $159.99.

Toys R Us and Metro Hobbies have the Mustang listed for $184 currently. With the right eBay code that could be a good option.

As this is a Creator Expert set you aren’t going to have much luck getting it on sale at Myer as the theme is usually excluded from sales.

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This set was provided to me by LEGO at my request. Opinions are my own.

5 Responses to LEGO’s Marvellous Mustang

  1. JtheWolf says:

    One of the best builds and display sets I have seen in ages and well worth the purchase even at rrp :D Am considering re-bricking into a convertible, but it looks awesome as is.

  2. Adam Hamilton says:

    Someone put the Bonnet scoop on backwards.

    • Michael says:

      That person has been fired now.

      But seriously – I can’t believe I missed that. That panel is removed when the supercharger is put on. I’m guessing that after I swapped it back I put it on the wrong way. Good catch.

  3. Bruce says:

    I always loved the movie Bullitt. RIP Steve McQueen.
    A very tempting model.

  4. Tony thorsen says:

    I just received this for Xmas and sat down this morning and sat down to build it. Got to step 3 and can’t wait to find 2 pieces! Got to step 5 and also a couple of pieces seem to be missing. This has never happened to me before.

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