On Sale: 20% Off Some Stuff At Myer


It looks like Myer is offering 20% off the stuff that is usually excluded from their sale. A quick look shows a range of Creator Expert and Ideas sets reduced, among a bunch of other seemingly random discounts.

I don’t have an end date on this one but I’d probably get in quick because 20% off stuff like the Mustang and Treehouse isn’t that common.

You can find Myer’s range here [affiliate link] but you’ll have to find the discounts among the listings.


5 Responses to On Sale: 20% Off Some Stuff At Myer

  1. kayno says:

    don’t forget shopback @ 9% to sweeten the deal!

  2. Rowbo says:

    Target in Morayfield had the Mustang for sale at $180… I flogged it as it was a steal of a price

  3. CS says:

    Also, for some of the items, assuming they are still in stock, there is an eBay plus deal for a further 20% off – PSTORMY. Do not know the exact details but I do know I missed out on a stacking deal with the Treehouse coming in at $179 from Myer eBay!!

  4. Matt says:

    Most of the good stuff sold out before they pushed the go button on this deal, including treehouse, picked up bond car myself for 20% off

  5. Jess says:

    Grabbed a corner garage already on sale plus extra 20% off!

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