On Sale: 30% Off LEGO At Myer

Rather than giving our bank accounts a reprieve after Black Friday and Christmas, Myer has today launched a really tempting offer.

From today (January 2nd) until January 5th you can get 30% off the majority of Myer’s LEGO range. The offer as expected excludes Creator Expert and LEGO Ideas.

The Chinese New Year Temple Fair is almost a must buy at 30% off. [affiliate link]

You can find the full Myer LEGO range here. [affiliate link]

Thanks to everybody who let me know about this.

4 thoughts on “On Sale: 30% Off LEGO At Myer

  1. Kcy Reply

    Thanks! I’m happy to get the Chinese Temple Fair at 30% off. Now just waiting for the Lion Dance to become available and with decent discounts as well.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Sadly I was too late for Stranger Things, but thanks for the heads up, Michael.

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