40th Anniversary Train Promotion Now Live

I know a lot of people have been hanging out for this one…

The LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary promotional set is now available at LEGO online.

LEGO Train 40

To get your set you will need to spend $199 or more. The newly released Fiat 500 will get you part way there.

You can find the details of the promo here.

The promo set is also available at LEGO Certified Stores Around the country. The same minimum spend applies.

You can also get this at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne.

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8 thoughts on “40th Anniversary Train Promotion Now Live

  1. Andrew Reply

    Love it. Just a shame we are hit with such high purchase thresholds these days.

  2. Steve Reply

    Would have been nice to see a new steam engine set released along side this.
    The target audience may not have anything to spend that money on to get promotion, and those who do spend the money on other sets may not appreciate it.

    • Andrew Reply

      Would love to see a re-release of Emerald Night. Wasn’t quick enough to get that when it came out and have regretted that since.

  3. Scott Reply

    Nice to see the Australia tax coming out big time on this promotion. I suppose in comparison that this set is far more than double in size and build time than the chicken set for $99 that just finished.

    I’ll wait for it to appear on BrickLink or buy it piece by piece and save myself most of the $200 to get it as a bonus.

  4. JJ Reply

    I actually have that exact original train engine and carriages at home from my childhood…. Even the train station from same era!

  5. Andrew Reply

    Just wanted to add that it seems this promo has been extended to the 22nd, so Lego thankfully now are stocking GWPs appropriately. Having now built mine, if you’re in any way into Lego trains, dont miss this. Some good youtube videos too from people who’ve motorised it using the 12v components it was originally designed for. I don’t have these but I was going to give it a go using PoweredUp.

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