Review: Xtra 2020 Sets

For the first half 2020 the LEGO Xtra theme returns with two new sets. Late last year LEGO sent me both to check out. After a bit of delay of I’m here to give you the verdict on these little cart fillers.

40376 Botanical Accessories


I am going to start with the better of the two sets. You can never have enough foliage when you are building LEGO scenes and for that reason alone I really like this set. There is a good mix of trees, flowers and general greenery. I also appreciate that they have included two fence elements.

Your view of this product may depend on your proximity to a LEGO Store, as the PAB walls have been doing a pretty good job of making plant elements available in high quantities. A small PAB cup is going to get you a lot more plants than this set (it will cost more too though).

The brick-built tree is probably not going to blow anybody away in terms of design and execution but I do likethat it is included.

If you aren’t near a PAB wall or just after a cheap pack with a good mix then I highly recommend this set.

40375 Sports Accessories


LEGO is a Northern Hemisphere company, so it makes sense that while we are sweltering through our summer they release a bunch of wintery sets. Even with that in mind I find this set to be a weird mix of elements.

The Sports Accessories set seems to feature some kind of modified biathlon with skiing and archery instead of shooting. There is also street/ice hockey. It’s weird.

The actual elements are all pretty good and I like the archery stand mini build but honestly who is crying out for these elements? Who is building a moc and thinking “This really needs some hockey goals and/or archery”.

Overall there is one set that’s great and one that is weird. I really want the Xtra theme to continue but hopefully the range in the future can include packs that are more generic. How great would a Castle Xtra set be?

If you are after either set they can be found online here [affiliate link]. You should also be able to find them in your local LEGO store, if you have one.

The LEGO Xtra sets were provided to me by LEGO for review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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