On Sale: Myer Toy Sale

Myer has a new toy sale from today, with a range of offers that are absolutely worth checking out. They’ve actually got discounts on Creator Expert sets!


First up is 20% off a range of themes:

Here are the Creator Expert offers – it’s not everything but there are two modulars on sale.

NameOriginalSale PriceDiscount %Link
Corner Garage$299.99$199.0034%Link
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy$159.99$129.0019%Link

The sale runs from today (March 27th) until April 26th.

Please consider using online shopping rather than going in-store. Stay home and stay safe.

This article features affiliate links.

6 thoughts on “On Sale: Myer Toy Sale

  1. Mark Reply

    Lol, only yesterday I was moaning about lack of Creator Expert discounts… the system works!

  2. Nate Reply

    Good luck actually getting your order. Myer frequently cancels orders in my experience. Let’s the order sit for two weeks then boom ‘can’t fulfil’.

  3. David A Jones Reply

    About time for Myer, DJ’s always have good discounts but there range is limited (especially creator Expert

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