Pirates of Barracuda Bay Now Available

No, this isn’t an April Fools Day post. The LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set is now available to order.

I wouldn’t be surprised if stock of this runs out today, with so many people at home looking for awesome sets to build.


Get yours here for $299.99. [affiliate link]

4 thoughts on “Pirates of Barracuda Bay Now Available

  1. Mark Reply

    I stayed up late last night to place the order (like everyone else probably) and I’m awaiting confirmation of shipment. Does anyone know if this set qualifies for any extra goodies? It would be too much to expect the magnificent 40370 steam engine, but I might get an Easter egg? Thanks to everyone who made this set possible by voting for it on the Ideas platform. Thank-you Michael for your continued work to keep us all informed during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the best hobby in the universe while your home!

  2. TeufelHund Reply

    I ordered last night and there were no goodies I’m afraid. Normally I’d wait to buy it at discount at retail/double VIPs and/or with a decent gift with purchase but it’s my birthday later this month so my wife needs something to give me. Still comes with a few VIP points I guess…

  3. Gavin Reply

    The only promo item I saw was with a $49 Trolls purchase. It’s a shame no general promo but I still ordered, I’m super keen for this set. Order status is ‘in warehouse’.

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