Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all the Bricking Around community. I hope the Easter bunny was generous with the chocolate.

Easter 2020

With everybody at home it’s a perfect time to do some building. What is everybody working on?

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Gavin Reply

    Happy Easter to you Michael, your family and all of the Bricking Around community!

    I’m going to start on the gate of the Jurassic Park build. The T-Rex is huge, way bigger than I had imagined even after seeing pics.

  2. Monty Reply

    Happy Easter to all !

    I just finished the Jurassic Park set and it turned out to be one of my favourites and yes, it is huge!

    I have a couple of other Idea sets that are waiting to be built but today is a day of chocolate and family.

    Stay safe everyone.

  3. Marcus Sebastian Reply

    Happy Easter Brickingaround community!
    Just finished Lego Mustang Expert that I purchased at MYER last week before it goes out of stock. My, my, it was a great build. I’m so glad I purchased it. My 6 year old son was the happiest after it was finished. Thank you Michael for all your hard work on keeping this community alive during the pandemic.
    Keep safe Stay Healthy Stay Home

  4. Chris Reply

    Blast from the past but I just built 6066 forestmen camouflage outpost. Going to work on 6077 forestmen river fortress next

  5. Charlotte Reply

    I have bought the Hidden Side Lighthouse to build with the kids, but we haven’t started it yet, they’ve been having fun free-building with our loose brick stash 🙂 I just built the same Easter Rabbit mini set you have in this article! Its so cute!

    • Andrew Reply

      +1 for the Easter mini set. Expensive for what it is, but very well executed. Been sitting on our dining table for Easter week. What do you think of Hidden Side? We have the train (coz I can’t go past any Lego train ????) but haven’t tried the app experience yet.

  6. Andrew Reply

    Cheers Michael, happy Easter to you and your family too. I’m trying to put together a space-themed display so pulled out the 10231 Shuttle and am putting that together again. Interesting to compare models from a few years ago with today’s.

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