Gingerbread House – Not Just For Christmas

In November last year I sent a request to LEGO for a review copy of 10267 Gingerbread House. The set was released as the latest addition to the Winter Village theme. I got my copy of the set in March and it posed a bit of a dilemma – Do I review this Christmas set in April, wait and do a Christmas In July type thing or just bite the bullet and review it now. After looking at the completed model I knew I didn’t want to wait to tell you about this one.


Purists who love the aesthetic of the Winter Village that LEGO has crafted may not love the fantasy/fairytale setting of this model but if you are looking at it as a standalone set it is unmistakably charming. It’s also really weird when you think about it too much. Really weird.

As the world braces for the full impact of a global pandemic, I think we could all do with a bit whimsy and you get plenty of that with this set.

Step inside a world where Gingerbread people are not only real, but they also CENSORED. Well, at least I assume they do. How else do you explain the Gingerbread baby?


The set includes two gingerbread minifigures that I am calling Mr and Mrs Gingerbread. You also get the gingerbread baby which is just a printed tile. I wonder if there would have been a way to use the baby figure instead? Mr Gingerbread is slightly different than the CMF version, with different coloured buttons on his torso and a moustache. Mrs Gingerbread features a skirt element and more stereotypically feminine face print. Mrs Gingerbread also has pink cream filling on her gingerbread head. Both Mr and Mrs Gingerbread use the same torso, which seems a bit lazy. I’d have liked to see something different with Mrs Gingerbread.


The set includes a range of mini builds that kind of feel like just padding out the part count. If they weren’t there I probably wouldn’t care. The pram makes sense but do we really need a snowblower? Also the official set pictures show Mr Gingerbread holding the baby while using the snowblower. Don’t do that.


The real star of this set is the house itself. The structure is done dollhouse style with an open back and detailed interior rooms.


The exterior of this model is brilliant. The designers have expertly replicated the look of a gingerbread house. The combination of brown and the white ‘icing’ really sell the effect. The splashes of colour add that little extra candy sweetness. The glitter bricks used for the windows are gorgeous.

The bottom level of the structure includes a detailed lounge and kitchen area. The fireplace that extends from the exterior looks lovely here, with the stockings hung with care.



The small kitchen area has me wondering about what gingerbread people eat.


The first area we get to upstairs is the ensuite/bathroom. While wonderfully detailed it also provides more detail than we needed with the inclusion of a toilet. I suppose if the kitchen implies the gingerbread people eat, then they logically need somewhere to poop. The bathroom also contains a bath, which yet again is weird.


The final area is a bedroom with a white chocolate bed, cotton candy lamp and a small crib for the baby. All of these are fairly simple minibuilds but they certainly add character.


Overall this set is wonderful and worth building any time of the year. I am really impressed with all of the detailing. My only suggestion would be not to think about things in too much detail. It raises a lot of questions that are best left unanswered.

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This set was provided to me by LEGO at my request. Opinions expressed are my own.

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2 thoughts on “Gingerbread House – Not Just For Christmas

  1. Andrew Reply

    When this was released I must admit my reaction was a bit meh. It didn’t look like it was going to fit the winter village vibe at all. However, after an enjoyable build, everyone who saw our display noticed it specifically and thought it was awesome. Definitely recommended. Was lucky enough to also score the mini version (40337) which was delightful and looked great on the Christmas table. I think Michael your review is spot on. It does include details that on deeper reflection do appear a little strange ;).

  2. Charlotte Reply

    I absolutely love this set, it is my first foray into the Lego Christmas Village and I think it’s fantastic! I had so much fun building it and I love the way it looks. I still have it out on display now, in April 🙂
    I didn’t mind that the Gingerbread baby is a flat printed tile, I think it’s supposed to remind you of how you bake Gingerbread men, rolling the dough out flat before you cut them and bake them. The baby is still a Gingerbread Man in progress, I loved that idea!

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