LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne Launches Online Store

While LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne is officially closed, the retail store is still operating. In an effort to provide additional options for people they’ve now launched an online store.


The online store offers a range of LEGOLAND Exclusive products as well as LEGO sets that you might not be able to find elsewhere. The online store now means that these hard to find products are available Australia wide. There is no free shipping but a quick check showed the following shipping options:

  • Click and collect – Free
  • Standard – $14.95
  • Express – $30.00

You might be interested to know that they still seem to have Pirates of Barracuda Bay available, unlike which is sold out.

If you sort the All Products page from Low to High you’ll also discover a bunch of polybags that you can’t easily buy.

You can find the online store at

Now they just need to figure out a way to do PAB online.

6 thoughts on “LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne Launches Online Store

  1. tacenda Reply

    Thank you for bringing my attention to this! The US Legolands have been advertising this over the past few weeks with no shipping to Aus, glad to see we’re also getting on board. 😀

  2. Andrew Reply

    Thanks for the heads up, Michael, this is a great additional source for us here

  3. Mark Reply

    How do you use click and collect? Do you go to the store or somewhere else?

  4. chris Reply

    thanks for the heads up, would you know if they accept paypal, as i dont have apple pay

  5. Scott Reply

    Thank you for this. I ordered some items that are not normally available in Adelaide.

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