LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 2 – Recap

Here we are with episode 2 – and things are going to get explosive.

Warning: Spoilers for anybody that hasn’t seen the episode obviously.

The challenge is officially called Hero Shot and it’s a little bit different to last year’s LEGO destruction episode. Rather than a variety of different ways to destroy the builds everybody will have their model blown up. The difference will be that each team will get a minifigure to be the feature of their build, with the explosion taking place behind them. Hence the Hero Shot name.


Each team will get one of 4 different additions to their explosion; chalk, glitter, ‘water’ (blue slime really) and thick green slime.

Each team will randomly pick a minifigure. Each one has a blank expression to be customised.

Annie and Runa pick first and Annie gets her wish with the combo of glitter and a knight.

Summer and Iona get a Samurai with water.

Jackson and Alex get the bandido with chalk.

Trent and Joshua get ‘space lady’ with slime.

Jay and Stani get viking warrior with chalk.

Andrew and Damian get a female knight with glitter. They don’t seem thrilled.

Jodie and Jennifer get a secret agent with water.

Danni and Tim get an old school space guy with slime.

Andrew and Damian decide not to play the Jordon Brick. Which means that Jordie gets to chill out for the day.

The build time today is 10 hours and the winner gets to sit out tomorrows elimination challenge.

Each team gets a giant triangle baseplate to build on. With their hero to be positioned at one of the points with the explosion to take place behind them.

With glitter for their explosion and a female knight Andrew and Damian decide to go with a Fairy Queen’s Palace. Them seem thrilled about getting to build in pink tones.

Summer and Iona are doing a Shark Tank Evil Lair. I like the idea of big shark tanks exploding. Sharks raining everywhere will be awesome if it works.

Danni and Tim are doing a giant alien to go with their slime and retro space theme.

Jennifer and Jodie are doing waterfront docks to go with their secret agent and water combo. I like the mob exploding behind their agent idea.

Jackson and Alex are doing a Bandido Bank Heist. I love a good wild west themed build and an exploding bank could be amazing. They really want thei minifigure’s hat to fly off in the explosion. That would be a great slo-mo gag.

Jay and Stani are doing a viking fort with a nice viking boat. Not sure how well this will work in slo-mo.

Annie and Runa are doing a dragon that’s going to explode in to glitter. If they can pull of a really nice dragon head this will be fun to watch.

Hamish is here with his box of heads. Each team gets to pick out the face that best suits their model. Stani pulls off a perfect Pretty Woman gag.

Trent and Josh are doing a space warehouse with a giant alien. I love the head they have built for their alien. It’s got some great details.

Summer and Iona are not adding enough sharks. You can never have enough sharks. Particularly when you don’t have to buy them off Bricklink yourself.

Hamish pulls out a prop hat to help motivate Alex and Jackson.

Runa drops her dragon head. It’s not meant to explode yet! Hopefully she can rebuild in the remaining hour.

Alex and Jackson are going all in the hat and are going to do a test run. Hamish films it in slo-mo and it looks awesome.

Andrew and Damian hate their build but honestly it looks awesome.

Now let’s blow this stuff up!

Jay and Stani

Their build is an impressive viking village with a nice boat in the foreground. There’s no obvious wow element like some of the others.

Their explosion will feature chalk.

The chalk gives a great smoke effect and lots of stuff flying around. A good result. The tower is still a bit too intact.

Jennifer and Jodie

Their build looks good but is very busy. I am not sure how it will translate to the explosion.

Lots of blue elements included in the explosion which looks awesome. One of the bad guys manages to hit the hero in the head.

Andrew and Damian

Another strong build with a good concept. Should work well with the glitter.

Their explosion is awesome. The fairy godmother doesn’t survive but it was still great.

Jackson and Alex

Here it is – hat time! Beyond the hat the rest of their build is really great. Classic wild west style.


The rest of their explosion actually really good. I worry that so much focus was put on the hat that they are going to overlook the rest. A huge chunk of roof literally missed the hero by a centimetre. This is going to be hard to beat.

Annie and Runa

I like the addition of the severed limb. The dragon is pretty nice.

The explosion kind of obscures the dragon unfortunately.

Danni and Tim

Their space alien is really good. Nice articulation on all of the tentacles really makes it feel alive.

The slime looks a bit too far off to one side and not coming from the alien.

Trent and Josh

Another really great alien build. The surfboard teeth and monobrow are fun designs.

I think their slime worked better and there is a good tentacle landing shot.

Summer and Iona

It’s shark time! Their build seems pretty simple but it’s all about the explosion. Using a giant tank of water with their water addition should work well.

AND THEY’VE GOT IT. There is no way that one in a million landing doesn’t win it. The shark from above is an amazing fluke.

The top two teams are… Jackson & Alex and Summer & Iona. The clear top two for me as well.

And Summer and Iona take it out! Not a surprise. That was such a brilliant ending to their slo-mo shot. The tank idea was also a good way to utilise their addition.

Tomorrow is fairy tale builds and the first elimination.

1 thought on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 2 – Recap

  1. Andrew Reply

    Another great ep, uniformly great standard of the builds. The original dragon head would may have propelled Runa and Annie into the top two. I agree though, once the shark hit the bridge it was game over. Pretty deserving win I thought. Going to be hard to say goodbye to any of these contestants. I’d hit the “buy now” button on just about all of the builds so far.

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