LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 3 – Recap

Here we are with Episode 3, and unfortunately for one team it’s going to be their last.

Spoilers for episode 3 if you haven’t already watched it.

Tim and Danni are getting strategic with light up shoes. Let’s see how that works out for them.

Summer and Iona get to take the day off so head out.

Andrew and Damian opt not to play either of their bricks. By not playing the Golden Brick they will be taking part in the elimination build off. They’ll also have to do all the running as they keep their Flash Jordon Brick for now too.

A mysterious brick-built book arrives and Hamish reveals the theme for today’s build – build a scene from a fairytale. It’s a very open brief with lots of options.


There’s 12 hours for this build.

Damian and Andrew are feeling a bit of dejavu after yesterday’s castle build and have decided to go with Jack and the Beanstalk. Their build will focus on the end of the book where – spoiler alert – the giant is coming down the beanstalk after Jack as he attempts to chop the beanstalk down.

If they can do a nice tall beanstalk with a good giant model then this will be impressive.

Jay and Stani are going with Rapunzel. This promises to have a nice tall tower. Tall is good. I am keen to see how they do the hair and if they are doing a brick-built figure or going with a minifigure.

Jackson and Alex are going with Hansel and Gretel. A huge gingerbread house with a detailed interior and opening roof. If they can pull it off in the time this sounds great.

Trent and Josh are doing Cinderella. I like the idea but I can see this going either way. Hopefully they can get the story across clearly in their build.

Annie and Runa are feeling confident. Their build is going to be The Little Mermaid. I worry about how they are going to get a castle and a mermaid in the build in a way that highlights the mermaid.

Trent and Josh confirm that their build is going to be done at minifigure scale. A key part of the story is the glass slipper. How do you do that in minifigure scale? Josh disagrees with Ryan’s concerns which is a bold move considering he’s the sole judge.

It’s stool time for Stani.

Danni and Tim are going with Jack and the beanstalk as well but focusing on an earlier part of the story than Andrew and Damian. I am not sure how this will go without that iconic beanstalk.

Annie and Runa have run in to scale problems. Obviously the mermaid needs to be key, but is that enough of a wow factor on it’s own. Ryan is here to offer some advice, which basically boils down to “do the mermaid first”.

Jennifer and Jodie are doing The Ugly Duckling. I like think it’s a story well suited to a build. They are doing a power functions waterfall.

Damian and Andrew are having beanstalk problems. If they can’t get the beanstalk working they’ve got a plan B but it’s not great. They’ve got to get their beanstalk up if the want to be safe.

I am not sure about the hair that Jay and Stani have built. I don’t think it works with a minifigure.

Meanwhile Trent and Josh are still ignoring the clear advice from the person who decides their fate by building a rotating dance floor.

Jennifer and Jodie are working on their ducks. Somebody makes a “ducking around” joke and it’s the closest we’ll probably get to a Bricking Around shout-out on the show.

Jackson and Alex are working on the interior of their build. I love that they are doing both an exterior and interior. It’s looking good so far.

Andrew and Damian are still having beanstalk problems.

With one hour to go Josh and Trent finally realise that the person judging them was right, and decide to put some Cinderella story elements in their build. The glass slipper is tiny and it’s going to get lost in their build.

Annie and Runa have decided to keep their mermaid headless until the last minute after what happened with their dragon yesterday.

Damian and Andrew attach their giant and things don’t collapse. So that’s progress!

Jackson and Alex have finished their interior decorating work and now have to get the roof on their house.

Annie and Runa run in to attachment problems. Specifically attaching the head to their mermaid. If they can’t make it work they are going home for sure. After a quick look at some of the builds we come back to see that Annie and Runa have decided to mount their mermaid’s head on a pole. I don’t remember that part of the story.

Time’s up and that was somebody’s last build.

Here’s how the builds turned out:

Andrew and Damian

After all their beanstalk troubles the end result here is amazing. The beanstalk looks great and I love that they have a little castle at the top it gives a nice forced perspective. The character work on their giant is amazing and even Jack is a good brick-built model. They’ve also got all of the little story elements too like the harp and goose. Really impressed with this one.

Jennifer and Jodie

I like the way they have split their build between the start and end of the story. The small duck builds are super cute. The power function waterfall adds some nice movement to the build. The only thing I don’t really like about this one is the decision to make the swan out of transparent elements. I’d much rather have seen a traditional swan looking all elegant. The trans blue blends in with the water too much.

Trent and Joshua

The castle build is really nice and the technical skill to get that dance floor spinning is impressive but as predicted the story gets a bit lost. They are by no means safe.

Alex and Jackson

An amazing build. These guys are killing it this week. The way they have got the clashing exterior and interior is just great storytelling. Brilliant detailing all over. The flashing oven is well made. No way these two are going home.

Danni and Tim

The giant is some excellent character work. Another build packed with great details. I still think a Jack and the Beanstalk build needs to have a beanstalk but this one is good enough to ensure that Danni and Tim are safe.

Jay and Stani

A build that I think is good enough to keep them out of the bottom two, but not a winner. The thick hair just doesn’t work with a minifigure. Perhaps a brick-built character would have worked better – something like a brickheadz size Rapunzel.

Annie and Runa

Scale is the biggest issue here. The impaled mermaid is almost the same size as the castle and the forced perspective thing doesn’t work at all. From a technical point of view the mermaid doesn’t compare with the really great character building of the other teams. These two are in trouble.

Now it’s time to see who is going home…

First we’ve got to announce the top two builds. Damian & Andrew and Jackson & Alex are top of the pack. Jackson & Alex take it out and I completely agree with this outcome.

Now for the bottom two… Annie & Runa and Trent & Josh. In the end Annie and Runa are the first team to head home.

Next week we get big builds and dangling builds. I’m excited.


6 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 3 – Recap

  1. Gavin Reply

    It was sad to see the girls go after such a strong showing with their Turtle Island. The boys deserved that win, really cool concept of the Gingerbread house. Honourable mention to the beanstalk, it came together in the end. I do wonder how much of the show is cut and chopped around for the dramatic tension.

  2. Dave Reply

    In the end I liked the positioning of the mermaid’s head, it looked kind of mournful leaning on a jetty staring at the castle, but I have to agree the models didn’t merge well together.

    Of course there’s editing around the progress of the models, there’s no way they went from stump of a beanstalk to full beanstalk and snot by the end. I’d love to know whether the two drops occurred when they were shown in the show or edited to be later.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Sorry to see Runa and Annie leave, I loved their turtle. They picked a difficult subject tonight though, and didn’t quite pull off the mermaid. You could see Brickman was disappointed to eliminate them but it was the right call.

  4. Bruce Reply

    Are there any stills or photos that you can add? I don’t watch TV so will never watch LEGO Masters but of course am curious as to what they have produced. The pure text recap doesn’t really tell me very much – adding a few stills would give me a better appreciation. Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Not sure how 9 feels about posting photos other than the ones they provide via their media portal. I’ll try and investigate. As Andrew said a lot of content is up on the LEGO Masters website.

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