LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 4 – Recap

It’s Sunday night and LEGO Masters is back after a few days off. Tonight another team will end their LEGO Masters journey.

Tonight we take to the skies in two different ways…


The first build is going to require hard hats. They are building just for height using only 2 x something bricks, such as 2×4 or 2×6. Teams get 2 hours and there are no stools available.

The teams all rush off and tip out huge tubs of basic bricks. They all seem like kids sitting on the floor working out how they are going to build the tallest tower they can.

Jay and Stani decide to go with a pillar and cross-braces design.

Jackson and Alex are going with a tower of mini towers. Basically just a simple structure that is going to be repeated over and over.

There seems to be a lot of similar ideas in this one – build something solid and then repeat it. It could come down to a race.

Hamish arrives with a tape measure to see how the teams are going Jennifer and Jodie are only 1m apart but this was filmed before social distancing so its fine. Not content with the tape measure Hamish unveils his 4m measuring stick.

While the other teams are all stacking bricks, Damian and Andrew go for something completely different with a “tree” of sideways bricks. It’s an interesting design and they seem to be getting a lot of height quickly.

Jay and Stani have the first collapse of the build but with no stools I don’t think it will be the last. Each team gets to the point in their build where they need to combine the bottom half of their tower with the top half. It’s going to require a lot of balance.

Tim and Danni lose a huge chunk of their build as they attempt to lift their top bit. Even still they manage to go past 3m. After some gentle prodding from Hamish they decide to try and push for more height. This is a build for an advantage with no downside if they don’t win. It makes sense to go hard.

Andrew and Damian connect their two parts and get some epic height. It’s a bit wobbly.

We get a bit of a montage of failures now. Towers dropping everywhere. With one minute to go Jay and Stani connect their tower.

Jay and Stani just beat out Andrew and Damian for the advantage.

Now we are on to the elimination. Andrew and Damian once again decide not to play either of their bricks. Everybody is in the firing line.

Hamish takes to the air to reveal that this challenge is called One Hanging Brick. Teams will have to build off one technic beam hanging above their desks. There are 10 hours for this build, except Jay and Stani who have an extra hour.

Jay and Stani quickly decide on a floating biosphere design. It sounds like it will be really cool if they can pull it off. They really take good advantage of their advantage.

Andrew and Damian immediately agree on a Pirate Airship build. A giant pirate blimp sounds awesome.

Trent and Joshua are going with a birdcage with birds inside and a cat hanging off the side. It’s a cute idea and could be a winner if they can do good character work on the cat. Brickman arrives to warn them that when he did a lifesize cat build it took him around 8 hours.

Tim and Danni are doing an Angler Fish. I like the idea of doing something underwater using the dangling brick. They are going to try and do a Power Functions build.

Jay and Stani are making some great progress on their planetoid. Their build isn’t level but they are liking that idea.

Summer and Iona are doing a pinata. It’s well suited to the brief. Their biggest issue is that Summer is not well. She has to leave to get some air.

Jackson and Alex are doing a 50s style UFO alien abduction. Another cracking idea. Their biggest issue seems to be getting a circular shape for their UFO.

Jennifer and Jodie are doing a dragon on a cloud. It will feature a female knight rescuing a prince. This really comes down to the quality of the dragon.

Tim and Danni are killing it, their fish looks awesome already.

Brickman has just learned that Jay and Stani aren’t concerned about their build being level. He completely disagrees and makes that known by showing up with a level.

Andrew and Damian have a good frame in place for their airship, including Power Functions propeller. On closer inspection by Ryan we discover that the frame is actually a little bit off, with the rear tapering in a way that is stressing the bricks. I doubt it will be an issue but Ryan seems concerned. Andrew’s going to cover it up and hope for the best.

Suddenly we see that Iona is still building by herself. Summer has had to leave which means that Iona is going to have to finish this build on her own. It sucks seeing her sitting solo for the interview they cut to.

Trent and Josh seem to be struggling to get things happening with their birdcage. Their idea for the wire sides of the cage just isn’t going to work, which leads to a great line from Josh – “Get out of my life Technic”.

Jay and Stani are working on their city, which is going to be done at microscale. I love a good microscale build so I’m excited for this one.

Trent and Josh have worked out a new design for their cage and it honestly looks pretty great. The cat also looks great but the weight could be an issue. It’s not so they decide to pump out a second cat.

Iona is doing her best to progress her build but is clearly struggling. She’s having issues getting the lolly drop part of her build working. They cut to an interview where she’s clearly been crying. It sucks and I feel bad for her. Just then Stani appears – he’s been in the brickpit making lollies for her. Jackson lets her know that they’ve got some licorice all-sorts coming for her too. It’s not shown if the other teams helped but it’s incredibly heartwarming that people would give up time on their own builds to help Iona. The LEGO community is full of wonderful people and you don’t get that from many other reality formats.

Jackson and Alex’s build is looking great so far. Brickman has a request though – chuck in a cow, brick-built obviously.

Andrew and Damien have built something so big it actually goes down to the table rather than just floating. They pull their table away and their model holds.

With 10 minutes left Trent is going for a 3rd bird.

Brickman gives a “test your Power Functions” warning, which seems like foreshadowing – and sure enough Tim and Danni’s model loses a fin. That could be an issue as they don’t get it back on before the timer hits zero.

Let’s check out the results…

Jackson and Alex
Such a great looking build. Love the way they have done the tractor beam and flashing lights. The barn is also really great with the corn field.

Jay and Stani
Another great build. As I said I love microscale and the microscale here is great. There is even a microscale monorail!

Jennifer and Jodie
This one came down to the dragon and while I don’t think it’s the best dragon I’ve ever seen it is good. I don’t love the shaping on the cloud.

Tim and Danni
These two would have absolutely won this if they hadn’t lost a fin. The fish is incredible.

Damian and Andrew
Another great build from these two. It’s massive and has a great story behind it – the pirate airship snatches other airships out of the air and raids them. Very cool.

Trent and Josh
This one has to win it. For all of their early troubles they have created something incredible. The cats and birds all have so much detail and expression. The story is clear and has that sense of fun you want in a LEGO build.

Iona (and Summer)
This was always going to be tough for Iona. Unfortunately her model is the smallest of all the builds. It’s colourful and fun and I think she did a great job on the shaping. The lolly drop is also a fun addition.

Unfortunately but not unexpectedly Iona is out of the competition. She handles the news with a remarkable amount of grace for such a sucky situation.

Best build…

While the elimination is done there is the matter of the best build to be settled. The top two teams are Jay & Stani and Trent & Josh. Brickman confirms that Tim and Danni would have been top two if their model hadn’t broken.

Trent and Josh take it out in the end.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 4 – Recap

  1. Tushkie Reply

    Im thinking all kids who watch this episode would want to have a brick hanging in their room to build their own masterpiece. I would want that as an adult ????

  2. Scott Reply

    Sad that Iona had to do it on her own, but even if Summer has not fallen ill, the quality, size and story of all the other builds would have still been a bridge too far. Iona and Summer clearly have skill but the other teams having. 10-30+ years advantage and experience in them really did show.
    This is one talented group of builders and such an even competition, anyone could win or go home any episode.

    This is the Best (and only) show worth watching on commercial television! Even blows the US version out of the air.

  3. Dave Reply

    My kids are already planning their hanging brick model. I’m hoping they get distracted by tonight’s episode before they ask me to hang it.

  4. sterow Reply

    It was a shame that (unless I missed it, I was half-watching) they didn’t say how Summer was. I realise with someone’s health they need to respect their privacy but it’d be nice to know if she was okay!

    • Andrew Reply

      I found a link via the official site I think which mentioned that Summer was ill enough to require hospitalisation, but she’s fine now. The hospital wouldn’t allow her to go back to the competition. Very impressed by Iona’s class in handling that.

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