LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 5 – Recap

It’s Monday night and we’ve got a fun episode to look forward to. After the unfortunate events yesterday we are pleased to inform you that nobody is going home tonight. This one is for immunity in the next episode.


The teams arrive to find a brick built dinner setting. Andrew suggests that they have to build something and eat it. That could be an interesting challenge.

Hamish reveals what’s actually going on – shake tables. The challenge is called Make & Shake. They have to build a 1.2m tall 32×32 tower, which will then be subjected to varying levels of shake.

Damian and Andrew decide not to get Jordie assistance.

Build time is 8 hours.

Damian and Andrew decide to build a wizard tower with a lot of technic inside. The wizard tower is a good idea if it does come down to aesthetics.

Tim and Danni are going with a design of 4 walls linked to a central pillar that is weighted at the bottom. At this stage they aren’t thinking about aesthetic.

Jay and Stani are known for their towers so the pressure is on them. They decide to go with the biggest tyres they can find as shock absorbers. This was the idea that came to mind for me too.

Jackson and Alex are just going to brute force it and build a solid block. Brickman doesn’t think they are going to make it but to be honest he’s been terrible at estimating times so far this year. If they go flat out I reckon they can make it.

Jennifer and Jodie are going with a modern style building with a pretty solid core.

Trent and Josh are going full technic. It’s an interesting idea that could work out.

Jackson and Alex are still going flat out. It’s a race against time!

Danni has a brilliant idea – she’s going to turn their build into a giant popcorn bucket that spills popcorn everywhere. It’s a great way to utilise the shaking into their aesthetic.

Alex throws out a “cop it Brickman”. I’m loving their energy today.

Jen and Jodie have a mismeasurement issue.

Unsurprisingly Jay and Stani hit the height first.

Damian spots that Andrew has left a 1×1 brick gap in their build.

Jackson and Alex hit their height with time to spare so that get stuck in to the aesthetics.

Trent and Josh appear to be include references to previous winning builds.

Now lets get shaking!

First up is the Technic build of Trent and Josh. They quickly get up to level 4 before the sharks go. At level 7 their build finally gives up. That looked great.

Next we have Jennifer and Jodie. Their build has a join that could be a weak point. They get to level 6 before their build splits at the join.

Jackson and Alex‘s turn and their build isn’t just solid, it actually looks nice. Their solid build is going to destroy the shake plate. They managed to get all the way up to 10 without a major failure. They could win this.

Damian and Andrew have a great aesthetic design, even with the 1×1 brick missing. They get the whole table dancing around the room at level 10 but their build holds.

Jay and Stani went with the shock absorbers but that proves to be a weak point with their whole tower falls over at level 6.

Danni and Tim are next with their giant popcorn bag tower. Quickly getting up to level 10 their build holds. The popcorn flying everywhere was a great touch.

That means there are 3 teams that beat the shake plates and Ryan will decide the winner based on the overall aesthetic.

Tim and Danni win it! They were the only team that used the shaking as part of their build and that got them over the line. These two are safe from the next elimination which is a 3D artwork challenge.



2 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 5 – Recap

  1. Lego! Reply

    Ive got to say i love brick masters and it was annother great episode but wasnt the amount of “shake” from the shake plate very dependent on the weight of the structure place upon it. resulting in a very diffrent ammount of “shake” per teams

  2. Andrew Reply

    I was surprised the solid builds fared so well. Perhaps it was just because they were so heavy. The Technic tower would have been very light by comparison, but I did expect it to be better overall than a solid structure. Serves me right for not studying engineering :p

    I think the right team won – again, Danni is a little OOT but there’s no denying the popcorn was a brilliant idea. I find myself cheering for all the teams, and the judging. I don’t think this is how a “competition” is supposed to work ;).

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