May The 4th Promotions Now Live

It may be the 1st of May but LEGO is already kicking off their May The 4th promotions. There’s a range of offers that you may want to check out.

A-Wing Now Available


The latest UCS set, 75275 A-wing Starfighter, is now available to purchase. It will set you back $329.99 here in Australia.

Free Death Star II Battle


Spend over $199 on Star Wars products and you’ll get this cool little vignette of The Death Star II battle.

Double VIP Points on all Star Wars sets

Purchase any Star Wars set to get double VIP points. A nice little additional incentive for anybody after the Death Star II promo set.

You can find all the May The 4th details here [affiliate link]

8 thoughts on “May The 4th Promotions Now Live

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    Between the helmets all being sold out, Bricks & Pieces still down in Australia, and a May 4th promo I have no interest in, slim chance Ill end up buying anything.

    • Andrew Reply

      As of this evening, amazon had a couple of the helmets in stock. No GWP though 🙁

  2. Steve Reply

    The May the 4th promos have been getting progressively crappier each year, not to mention the ridiculous threshold needed to get them. The items on sale for the promo are clearly the junk they can’t give away, and to get the “free” gift with purchase in the US, it’s spend $75 while here in Oz its $199. Even accounting for conversion rates and taxes, it’s clear Lego don’t care about Aussies. And since they opened a warehouse to supply the domestic market, their website has become a joke with so many items being out of stock for weeks or months. Its unfortunate, but unless you are American, then Lego don’t give a crap about you.

    • CS Reply

      Not true, they also take VERY good care of the Chinese market as they are still trying to get a strong presence there ????

    • Andrew Reply

      Yeah this seems to happen a lot since we had the local warehouse. You know, I’d almost rather go back to the old online store where you had to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery from Europe, but everything was in stock and GWPs used to last the whole campaign. If I want any of the GWPs now, I always try and order first thing on the first morning. Shouldn’t really be necessary. I couldn’t get the readies together fast enough for Barracuda Bay, and that seems to have been out of stock since the day after it was released 🙁

      • Mark Reply

        Yep, GWP 40407 gone from the website as if it never existed…

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