LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 6 – Recap

It’s Sunday night and for some people it’s also a long weekend. What could be better? Oh yeah – A new episode of LEGO Masters.

It’s an elimination episode tonight and Tim and Danni are out of here after winning in the last episode.

Brickman pulls the cover off a giant picture frame lined with baseplates. The challenge today is 3D art. The frame is deep but Brickman is expecting builds that don’t just make use of the frame’s depth but also jump out of the frame.


The build time is 12 hours.

Jay and Stani are NOT feeling this one. They are great builders but not the most artistic.

Jackson and Alex are artistic and they quickly come up with a cool idea – A giant Venus fly trap. This could be cool.

Jen and Jodie are going with a tiger jumping out of the frame with a jungle scene in the background. Key here will be pulling off a good looking tiger in the massive frame.

Jay and Stani decide on a New York love scene build. Their idea features a lighting effect to make it look like a couple are standing under a light. It’s an interesting idea.

Andrew and Damian are doing a old-school 3D movie poster. “MUNCH in 3D”. Another great idea that uses the 3D to good effect. Damian is being a stickler for getting their brick-built lettering right. Hamish decides to set off Damian with some deliberately terrible lettering.

Jen and Jodie seem stumped. Brickman arrives to give them a bit of a pep talk. They decide that they need to change what their build is. Hopefully they have enough time to pull off their new build.

Trent and Josh are doing a bull rider. There is potentially a lot of work involved in doing a big 3D bull but if they can pull it off this could be great.

Jen and Jodie’s new build is a pirate ship being attacked by an octopus. The key here will be getting the ship coming out of the canvas well.

Jackson and Alex are making good progress on their venus fly trap, so it’s time for them to work on building some flies. They decide to create a few different sized flies to give some forced perspective. Hamish decides to help out with a fly build of his own. They decide to put it right at the back.

I really like the effect that Jay and Stani have done on their scene. My only concern would be how much it is “popping out”.

Brickman is concerned about the scale of Trent and Josh’s build. Getting the scale wrong in this show can be a killer.

Jackson and Alex come up with some amazing part usage by combining garbage bins, flex tube and surfboards to create some amazing fines. It’s genius.

Jay and Stani are concerned after looking around at the other builds. With an hour to go I am not sure how much they can do to change their build.

Trent and Josh are trying to put their cowboy together but they overcompensated on the scale and now they don’t have enough room.

Jen and Jodie have a breakage with their sails.

Trent and Josh have to pick up their build and hope it holds. Thankfully it does.

As the clock hits zero Jackson knocks part of their build off. It looks minor but it’s still not great.

Now it’s judging time and the creations have been hung like they are in a fancy gallery.

Here’s how the builds turned out…

Jackson and Alex
This build is fantastic. The flytrap itself is wonderfully detailed but what really makes it are the additional details like the varying sized flies and the abundance of vines. This could be a winner.

Jay and Stani
I actually really like this build. I think it’s super pretty. Unfortunately it doesn’t pop as much as the others and Ryan isn’t a fan. They could be going home today.

Damian and Andrew
Another strong build from these two. I really like the brickbuilt lettering they have done. The monster is pretty good and I like the plane coming out of the frame.

Trent and Josh
This one could have gone either way but they’ve nailed this. The cowboy is just full of character and the bull is huge and amazing. I think they’ve got this one.

Jen and Jodie
I like the idea for this one but I am not sure if it’s just how it looks on TV or not but the octopus kind of blends together in to a big yellow blob. I also agree with Ryan that the island doesn’t really work. Probably enough to get them over the line.

Before we find out who is going home it’s time to announce the best build. The top two are Jackson & Alex and Trent & Josh. Unsurprisingly Trent and Josh take it out. A deserving winner.

It’s now time for the bottom two teams – Jay & Stani and Jen & Jodie. Despite being a beautiful build Jay and Stani just didn’t have enough 3D and are heading home.

2 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 6 – Recap

  1. sterow Reply

    I don’t often disagree with Ryan / Brickman but I think Jay and Stani were harshly judged here. It actually wasn’t that much “flatter” than Jen and Jodie’s; and I also thought J&J’s was cluttered visually (especially that island). I thought the artistic qualities of the New York Street should have carried the day over the marginal differences in 3D-ness.

    We are approaching a point I think where all the teams are on much the same level, which I don’t think was true last year. (I thought the eventual 1 and 2 order was pretty apparent last year, and there were then a gaggle of teams below of roughly the same overall ability).

    • Andrew Reply

      I agree. It did seem like they were keen to keep the women in the competition. To be fair though Jay and Stani were told during the build that they needed to work on their 3D-ness, and J&J did try to do this. I don’t agree with the winner, either, but I’ve been on my own in a number of judgings, so it obviously comes down to personal preference. Just like real art I guess ;).

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