5 Uses For Your LEGO Trophy

This year LEGO has released a cool little set in 40385 LEGO Trohpy. This 200 piece set allows you to create a brick-built trophy and customise it with a range of different stickers. There’s so many potential uses for this thing! Here’s 5.


Celebrate Mum


Don’t panic but Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 10th. What better way to show mum that she’s the best mum than with a LEGO Trophy saying so. There’s specifically a sticker for this option, except that is has the US spelling rather than the correct m-u-m version.

Employee of the month


Currently working from home? Reward yourself with employee of the month using the trophy. No boss around to say otherwise. Show it off to your coworkers on that next Zoom conference. I’d go for the Awesome tile as it really helps explain to others that the trophy is yours for being awesome.

Incentivise Home Schooling


Are you currently home schooling your kid or kids due to Covid-19? Are they being little shits and driving you nuts? Well now you can incentivise learning with a LEGO trophy. Complete their work and they get the reward. No it’s not bribery. It’s incentivisation.

Pit children against each other for your own gain

Have more than one kid? How about the first one to clean their room wins the trophy. Or the first to fold a load of washing. I’ll let you work out the specifics of this but the basic principle is that instead of trying to get kids to do stuff because they should, get them to do it so they can prove they are better than their siblings.

LEGO Masters at home


Create a series of challenges for your family to play at home. The winning team or individual takes home the prize. The rules are completely up to you.

The LEGO Trophy can be found at LEGO Online [affiliate link] or at LEGO Stores around the country including the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre online store.


This set was provided to me by LEGO at my request. Opinions expressed are my own.

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