LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 8 – Recap

As great as it would have been to have this episode last Monday, it’s still awesome that we finally get it – that’s right its Star Wars night tonight on LEGO Masters.


The contestants arrive and the room provides no hint as to what is coming. After a bit of a chat the roller door opens and in comes a squadron of Stormtroopers. And in the most amazing scene in the entire last two series of LEGO Masters one of the stormtroopers hits his head on the door on the way in. Whoever was responsible for that gag deserves a Logie.


The teams are pumped. Particularly Trent who I think honestly scared the medical team off-camera with just how excited he got.

The challenge is to create a new Star Wars vehicle. Teams will pick a minifigure from a tub that gives them their side – two teams will do Dark Side builds. Two light side builds and one grey build – think bounty hunters etc.

The challenge is all about design. The finished models have to fit in the Star Wars universe.

Winning team is safe from the next elimination and through to finals week.

Trent picks first and gets his wish of a light side character. He’s like an overexcited toddler.

Alex picks next and gets a dark side character. He and Jackson seemed pretty pumped about this.

Andrew picks the grey character. Which could be the most challenging of the options.

Jodie picks a Rey minifigure representing the light side.

Tim goes last and gets the final dark side option.

Before the building kicks of Hamish has an extra reveal – there’s a second brick-pit. Specifically a Star Wars brick pit. The aesthetics of the Star Wars brick pit are amazing. It really feels like a set from an actual Star Wars movie, just with LEGO.


Teams have 8 hours.

The Star Wars brick pit includes a heap of Star Wars sets on display as well as an amazing minifigure wall.

Jackson and Alex are building what they call the Imperial Tempest Drop Ship. I like the idea of a troop transport.

Jen and Jodie are doing the Rey-venger, a play on the word scavenger. The idea being that this is Rey’s ship that she uses to scavenge parts. It’s a good story idea. They are going with a BB-8 inspired colour scheme because BB-8 is Rey’s droid. BB-8 is Poe’s droid but I’m not going to nitpick.

Damian and Andrew are doing a heavily armoured bounty hunter ship. I think it’s going to be Slave I inspired to an extent.

I think the real winner of this episode is going to be Hamish’s family who are getting a whole heap of pocketed Star Wars minifigs.

Alex and Trent have a wookie off.

Over with Tim and Danni it’s clear that Tim is going to be taking the lead on this. Danni isn’t overly confident on the subject matter. “What’s a Star War?” she asks, feigning more ignorance than she actually has. Their build is called the Imperial Blade. It kind of looks like a Tie body with pointy wings.

Trent reveals that, like a lot of a people, it was the original Star Wars LEGO sets that got him back in to LEGO. He and Josh are doing a two person rebel fighter. It is going to take elements from an X-wing, Snowspeeder and A-wing and combine them all into something new. It could work great or it could be a bit of a mess.

Danni arrives at their bench with a Han Solo fig. Tim mentions that they specifically need a Jedi. Danni thought Han Solo WAS a Jedi. This is not Danni’s day.

Brickman is concerned about Trent and Josh. In his opinion the light side vehicles need to be mono-functional and for lack of a better term a bit shit. His thinking is that the good guys for most of the time were the scrappy underdogs. Which I get, but also it’s not entirely true if they are setting the build in the prequel period. Again, nitpicking.

Trent shows off his nerd skills with some Star Wars trivia.

Andrew is building in play features to their bounty hunter ship. It’s not part of the brief but still sounds great.

Jackson and Alex are having some structural issues with their large wings. They seem to be able to work it out.

Josh is doing some nice greebling work on their wings.

Speaking of wings, Tim and Danni are also having wing problems. They are going to have to integrate technic bracing.

Andrew and Damian are just having a ball with this one. Their ship is looking great.

Jackson and Alex decide they need some Imperial Guard minifigures for their build. Unfortunately Hamish has pocketed one of the two available.

Here’s how the builds turned out:

Jen and Jodie – I really like the idea behind their build. Something that Rey can fly over the deserts of Jakku and salvage parts. The addition of the AT-AT leg being dragged behind is fun. My only complaint here is that the body of the ship looks a little chunky. Overall this is great.

Jackson and Alex – These two have nailed the brief of something that looks like it’s from the films. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this thing in season 2 of The Mandalorian.

Tim and Danni – Their build is very pointy and the black and red colours do say Dark Side. The biggest problem is the exposed Technic beam work. It feels a bit unfinished.

Andrew and Damian – Presented with the toughest of the three build options these two have created something very cool. Their armoured bounty hunter ship is packed with great details including multiple levels of play features. This is very cool and feels like a real set.

Trent and Josh – I quite like this build but I can tell Ryan isn’t a fan. By combining elements from existing ships they’ve created something that looks cool but doesn’t feel original.

Here’s the top two – Damian & Andrew and Jackson & Alex. In the end there can only be one winner and today it’s Damian and Andrew. A well deserved win I think.

Straight through to finals week for Andrew and Damian. They can’t play their golden brick in finals week so that’s going to be a souvenir for them.


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