LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 9 – Recap

It’s the final elimination before finals week and the stakes are high for the four teams building tonight.

The teams arrive and there is a new fancy black curtain, clearly hiding something.

After winning yesterday Damian and Andrew hand back their golden brick and head off for the day.

The curtain drops and we get… four giant fish tanks. It’s an underwater build!


Build something that comes to life when it is placed underwater. The teams will build on a weighted platform covered in baseplates.

This is going to be a technical challenge and none of the teams have ever done anything like this before.

There’s 12 hours to build.

Jackson and Alex, after a bit of brainstorming, come up with the idea of Crablantis. It’s a crab. It’s Atlantis. It’s CRABLANTIS!

Jen and Jodie are doing a mermaid sitting in a giant clam shell. It’s very Birth of Venus but half fish. I like it. Ryan points out that Annie and Runa went home trying to do a mermaid.

Trent and Josh are sticking with what they are good at and doing a character build. It’s going to be a diver fighting with a sea-monster for a pearl. Their scuba guy looks great already.

Tim and Danni are doing a diver fighting an octopus. Oh dear. There’s discussions in the brickpit about somebody changing their plan.

A bit of shell envy has Trent and Josh slightly changing their build.

Jen and Jodie’s mermaid is looking very boxy.

Tim and Danni decide that they don’t want to compete on divers so switch up their build to a pirate.

Hamish comes around with a jug of water. Not for refreshments but to play Will It Float. It’s fun to see how the different elements behave in the water. Wheels sink. Bear with wheels floats. I never would have known.

Jackson and Alex are just having a blast with their build and I am 100% on board with Crablantis. They are writing songs for their characters. It’s nuts.

Hamish discovers a bit of a hand modeling problem with Jen and Jodie’s mermaid.

Trent and Josh manage to attach their giant squid to their platform, but marine biologist Alex points out that squid don’t have a heap of pointy teeth. They actually have beaks.

Danni and Tim’s build is coming along really well. Their octopus is great and so is the pirate.

Trent and Josh are really utilising the weighted frame to attach parts of their build. It could stop things floating off.

Jackson and Alex are adding James Cameron to their build and a shark chariot. These elements are intended to float and it could give a good additional visual.

I’m not feeling Jen and Jodie’s build at all.

There’s white hotdog drama. It makes sense in the context of the show. Kind of.

Tim and Danni are adding in some intentional floaty bits.

After a lot of drama with Brickman not liking their diver’s mouth the end with the original circle they had hours ago.

Here’s how the builds turned out…

Tim and Danni – Their pirate, octopus and treasure chest all look great. It hits the water and the chest opens and the gold floats off. The pirate’s hat gets caught on the chain so Hamish heads in to the water to fix it. It’s a little tweak but it looks good. I love the way the octopus is using a swordfish as a sword. That’s super fun.


Trent and Josh – Their squid looks great as does the diver. It’ll come down to how it goes in the water. Their squid moves a little but holds. They don’t really have any intentionally floaty bits which isn’t as good. Still a great build.


Jackson and Alex – It’s Crablantis time! They lower it in to the water and everything does what it’s meant to. It’s very majestic. Praise Crustacius! A very fun build.


Jen and Jodie – The key to their build is going to be the hair. It should be nice a wavy when it’s submerged. Initially the build doesn’t want to sink but eventually it hits the bottom and the hair is floaty and wavy. The biggest problem is going to be the overall aesthetics of this one. It’s very blocky and their character work just isn’t as good as others.


Andrew and Damian return for the judging and are very impressed with the builds in front of them.

It’s time to see who will join them in finals week. Firstly Trent and Josh are through. Next is Jackson and Alex, Crablantis gets them over the line. It’s down to Tim & Danni or Jen & Jodie. They try and build up the tension with the dramatic music but its clear that awesome pirate and octopus is going to win out over the mermaid – and it does. Jen and Jodie are going home.

Tip for LEGO Masters season 3 contestants – DON’T BUILD MERMAIDS IN ELIMINATIONS.

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