LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 10 – Recap

It’s the second last episode! One team will be going home and the remaining three will return tomorrow night to battle it out for the title.

There are two builds tonight, the first one is for an advantage.

Hamish reveals that the first build has something to do with a full sized Harley that Brickman and his team build.

While inspecting the model Hamish knocks it over. Everybody is shocked. But SURPRISE – that was planned all along. The Harley was a pinata. Danni is the first to figure it out.

The first challenge is called Smash & Grab. The brickpit is shut and all they’ve got to build with is what they can grab off the floor.


It’s just like building at home. Kind of.

There is 4 hours but only the first 5 minutes is available for getting parts. It’s a feeding frenzy and surprisingly aggressive.

Damian seems to be getting particularly in to it.

Jackson and Alex are doing a side-scroller video game. Interesting idea that makes use of the animals that they managed to grab.

Damian and Andrew are doing a Mayan temple with Minotaur on top. It could come down to the Minotaur.

Trent and Josh are doing a man in a chicken suit raiding a chicken coup. They are missing flesh tones so Trent attempts to get some help from Damian and Andrew. Returning to the normal generous nature of AFOLs they help him out.

Tim and Danni are doing a phoenix rising from a volcano. Its a great concept as the phoenix is being reborn from the ashes of the motorcycle. Ryan says they should go bigger so they decide to try it out.

There’s still a lot to go some I’m going to jump ahead to the finished builds…

Jackson & Alex


I really like this build both in terms of idea and execution. It feels like a LEGO version of a real side-scrolling platformer. Nice touches like the hearts and score on the side as well as the controller. Ryan thinks they could have done a bit more up high but that’s just nitpicking I think.

Trent & Josh


The kings of character work are back with a really cool chicken suit guy. The whole premise is ridiculous and I love it. They managed to get a lot of facial detail in to the chicken suit guy. This one will probably win it.

Tim & Danni


Not the strongest build of the day so far. I like the idea but the phoenix just looks very blocky and not overly bird-like.

Damian & Andrew


Quite a nice temple. On it’s own I’d say that it was good but I think it’s probably 3rd of the 4 builds. Ryan disagrees putting this one ahead of Jackson and Alex.

Trent & Josh take it out and get an advantage for the next build.

It’s time for the next challenge. There’s a large city on display with 4 vacant blocks: residential, commercial, industrial and shared space. Each team will have to build on one of those blocks – creating something that looks amazing during the day AND at night. The challenge is called Night and Day.

As the winners of the advantage Trent & Josh get to pick their block. They take the residential.

BUT… they don’t just get to pick which block they want, they get to pick the blocks for everybody.

Jackson and Alex get commercial.
Tim and Danni get industrial.
Andrew and Damian get the shared space.

The key to this one is going to be using the lighting for maximum effect. The build is minifigure scale and they’ve got 12 hours.

Damian and Andrew seem to be a bit stumped right off. They decide to go with a museum heist build. By day it will just look like a museum but at night you can see the people robbing the place. It’s a great idea.

Trent and Josh are doing apartment blocks. It’s a good way to get height into a residential area. Not sure how they’ll utilise the lights in this.

Tim and Danni are doing a UFO warehouse. By day it will just look like a boring warehouse. At night you can see the aliens and a UFO. Ryan suggests they do something like the UFO bursting out of a roof.

Jackson and Alex are doing the headquarters for an evil corporation. It’s a bit Lord Business-ish. They are going for something very tall.

Trent and Josh aren’t feeling their build. They are just fumbling around with random bricks. Ryan sets them straight – figure out your story first don’t just build something big and hope for the best.

After a bit of a brainstorm Trent and Josh decide on a new direction. They are going to do a run down haunted house next to another house for sale. When the lights come on you can see that the haunting has spread to the house for sale. This one sounds like its really going to take advantage of the light/dark effect.

Tim and Danni seem to be progressing with their technic mechanism for their UFO. I hope they have time to test it several times.

Jackson and Alex have built a cool logo to go on top of their building and a helicopter.

Trent and Josh are also trying to build a mechanism to raise part of their build when the lights go on.

Tim and Danni test out their version of the rising platform and… nothing happens. This is a critical part of their build. Eventually they chuck in some new batteries and that seems to fix it.

Damian and Andrew have the brilliant idea of sucking up to the higher ups with some channel 9 news vans in their builds. But Brickman isn’t impressed with the top of their build. He wants a dome. So dome it is.

Tim and Danni admit they have had to lose some detailing because of the time it has taken them to get the UFO mechanism built.

Trent and Josh are also having mechanism issues – their demon won’t stay attached. They decide to just attach him to the roof. That could be an issue. He’s going to be visible during the day which is bad.

Jackson and Alex get the top of their build in place and it looks very monolithic. They’ve now got some time for detailing.

Tim and Danni are building a roof for their UFO to burst out of. Brickman is shocked that they can’t test it. I wonder how many times he tested his Harley pinata?

They’ve got to get their builds over to the rest of the city. Moving models always adds stress to a challenge. There doesn’t seem to be any huge issues.

Here’s how everything turned out.

Andrew & Damian
Day: The museum is really nicely build and they’ve packed in a lot of nice detailing here. It feels like a real space.

Night: Great way they’ve utilised the lights. There’s a clear contrast between day and night story.

These two are safe.

Trent & Josh
Day: The houses look good but the demon is clearly just sitting there waiting to be lit up. This is a real issue.

Night: The way the haunted elements show up when the lights go on is really good. Stuff just seems to appear when the lights go off.

Without that grand reveal of the demon they are in trouble.

Jackson & Alex
Day: The tower is certainly impressive visually and the exploded section adds a nice story element.

Night: It’s essentially the same but with lights.

I think these two had the weakest contrast between day and night. The lights were just there they didn’t change or reveal anything that wasn’t already there. I’m not overly impressed of how they addressed the brief. They are safe though.

Tim and Danni
Day: The warehouse looks good. I like the barbed wire fencing they created. Lots of little elements but perhaps not enough little details. The walls are very solid blocks of colour.

Night: It all comes down to that grand reveal. They trigger the lift and wait… nothing seems to be happening. Ryan takes a look and the platform is stuck on the side wall. There’s no grand reveal and I think these two are going home. It’s a bit frustrating that Brickman came up to them and basically said “make the UFO burst through the roof” so they spent so much time trying to get the reveal that the sole judge specifically said he wanted. I can’t help but wonder what their build could have been if Brickman had never made the bursting through the roof suggestion.


It’s time for the announcement and unsurprisingly it’s Tim and Danni that are going home.

Tomorrow we find out who is going to win LEGO Masters Season 2. It’s going to be a good one.

2 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 2, Episode 10 – Recap

  1. Howard Bannister Reply

    Such an intense episode.

    I felt so sorry for Tim and Danni. I’m wondering if their UFO had worked, if Trent & Josh or Jackson & Alex would have been eliminated instead.

  2. sterow Reply

    This is why they need 2 or even 3 judges. Brickman is very good and I agree with him 95% of the time but the contestants occasionally are hostage to his whims, especially given he talks to them during the build. There’s just no scope for them to ignore his “suggestions”! If they had a few judges wandering around the contestants would have more ability to disregard what he said.

    If Tim and Danni had just plonked the UFO on top like Trent and Josh did with their demon who would have gone home? Maybe still them, but maybe not. (Trent and Josh have been better across the comp but the external detail on those houses was pretty weak – it was probably their weakest building thus far).

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