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The world of LEGO is better than our world. It’s not constrained by things like logic. In the LEGO world nobody is going to question combining a monster truck and a food truck. In the real world you’d have all sort of questions like “Why?” and “Are you stupid?!”

31104 Monster Burger Truck is the right kind of nuts. It’s nuts because it’s cool.


So – Should you buy it?

Damn right you should. This thing is a super fun.

The set includes two minifigures. Firstly there’s this moustached guy that seems to have escaped from some sort of post-apocalyptic world. Why does he need an aviator helmet and goggles to drive a fully enclosed monster truck? I don’t know. Also don’t care – because look at him! He’s cool!


The second included minifigure is a little more subdued. I like to imagine that he’s just a regular guy who is super confused about the monster truck but is really hungry so he’s willing to try it.

You also get a brick-built dog. I love that creator sets often do brick-built animals. It’s very cute. Some nice parts usage here with the binoculars being used as legs.

The truck itself looks amazing. The colour combo is fantastic and the orange wheels really make it pop.


The way the steps are integrated into the body when not in use is really clever. The truck pulling up and the somebody pulling out the steps so people can go up and get their burgers is a fun play feature.


You can also remove the roof for extra play access. This passed the kid test with flying colours – my young son got mad at me when I said he couldn’t play with it until I had taken photos.

The truck also has really nice bouncy suspension that makes it fun to drive around. That suspension is a tiny bit annoying during the build. It gets created fairly early on so there will be times where the model flexes and moves while you put on other parts. Not a huge issue but might be a bit fiddly for younger kids.

Overall though the highlight of this set is just a complete sense of fun.



Being a Creator set you aren’t going to have to hunt for a decent price or a sale that includes this one. Kmart has this for just $55 regular price, compared to the $69.99 RRP. As a Creator 3-in-1 set you do also get the instructions for two alternate builds.

I didn’t make either of these alternate builds as neither look as good. If you do want to complete all 3 I would start with the alternate builds then come back to the main build as you probably won’t want to take that apart.

1 thought on “Should you buy it – Monster Burger Truck

  1. Andrew Reply

    Too late, already did :P. Agree re it passing the kid test. I just want to work somewhere where you can design a Monster Burger Truck and management says, “yeah, we can sell that”.

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