Kmart Lists a Heap of June Releases Online

Kmart have updated their website with prices for a heap of the June releases. They seem to be marked as coming soon but you may be able to find these in-store.

Overall the Kmart prices are really good, with all of the sets below the official RRP from LEGO.

The Pirate Ship was always going to be popular but at $119 its going to fly off the shelves.

There’s new City, DOTS, Friends and even some Duplo too. Check out the list below.

 ThemeSet #Set NameKmart PriceKmart SavingKmart Link
City60261Central Airport$59.0026%Link
City60262Passenger Airplane$119.0026%Link
City60263Ocean Mini-Submarine$9.0044%Link
City60264Ocean Exploration Submarine$39.0022%Link
City60265Ocean Exploration Base$95.0021%Link
City60266Ocean Exploration Ship$139.0023%Link
Creator31107Space Rover Explorer$55.0021%Link
Creator31108Caravan Family Holiday$95.0021%Link
Creator31109Pirate Ship$119.0026%Link
DOTS41907Desk Organiser$25.0017%Link
DOTS41911Go Team! Bracelet$8.0020%Link
DOTS41914Creative Picture Frames$25.0017%Link
DOTS41915Jewelry Box$25.0017%Link
DOTS41916Extra DOTS - Series 2$5.0017%Link
DOTS41917Magic Forest Bracelet$8.0020%Link
DOTS41919Power Bracelet$8.0020%Link
Duplo10931Truck & Tracked Excavator$19.0037%Link
Friends413984+ Stephanie's House$39.0022%Link
Friends41421Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue$19.0037%Link
Friends41422Panda Jungle Tree House$39.0022%Link
Friends41425Olivia's Flower Garden$9.0044%Link
Friends41426Heartlake City Park Café$19.0037%Link
Friends41427Emma's Fashion Shop$39.0022%Link
Friends41428Beach House$59.0026%Link
Friends41429Heartlake City Airplane$69.0023%Link
Friends41430Summer Fun Water Park$139.0023%Link
Friends41432Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue$69.0023%Link
Friends41433Party Boat$119.0026%Link
Hidden Side70433J.B.'s Submarine$19.0037%Link
Hidden Side70434Supernatural Race Car$39.0022%Link
Hidden Side70435Newbury Abandoned Prison$49.0018%Link
Technic42107Ducati Panigale V4 R$79.0012%Link

Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

4 thoughts on “Kmart Lists a Heap of June Releases Online

    • Ando Reply

      Um, what? What’s your point? It’s a great article, very helpful and informative.

  1. Brick Chap Reply

    Thanks BrickingAround, this is very helpful. All these prices are much of a relief! When I thought the pirate ship would be $160 I thought one would be better off getting the $300 POBB but now I might be able to have a lego pirate ship without breaking the bank.

    Im also glad that juniors airport is down a bit, i just built the last one and its actually a pretty reasonable airport set, especially for a younger fan. With the two terminals Ill be able to have a reasonable starting point for a terminal building MOC, unlike that other excuse in the passenger plane set.

    I dont know if you guys would know, but does BrickingAround have any idea whether the Haunted House would be sold at Myers or DJs and, if so, would the end of year sale that is sometimes put on modulars apply to it?

  2. Brad Howarth Reply

    These are now live on the Kmart website – just picked up a couple of the pirate ships. Hard to know which alternate build to go for!

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