Happy New LEGO Day

Today is June 1st, which means that a heap of new LEGO sets are released. This year there seems to be a bit of a challenge with finding stock in stores but hopefully those issues will be resolved in the coming weeks.

To give you a quick recap of what’s available I’ve included a table below that should have everything. It seems the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is already out of stock – you Technic fans don’t muck around do you?

Let me know in the comments what new sets you are getting and where you’ve decided to grab it from. Perhaps you are waiting for the Big W toy sale.

 ThemeSet #Set NameAU RRPLink
Architecture21054The White House$149.99View
City60261Central Airport$79.99View
City60262Passenger Airplane$159.99View
City60263Ocean Mini-Submarine$15.99View
City60264Ocean Exploration Submarine$49.99View
City60265Ocean Exploration Base$119.99View
City60266Ocean Exploration Ship$179.99View
Creator31107Space Rover Explorer$69.99View
Creator31108Caravan Family Holiday$119.99View
Creator31109Pirate Ship$159.99View
DC Super Heroes76157Wonder Woman vs Cheetah$49.99View
DC Super Heroes76158Batboat The Penguin Pursuit!$19.99View
DC Super Heroes76159Joker's Trike Chase$69.99View
DC Super Heroes76160Mobile Bat Base$149.99View
DOTS41913Bracelet Mega Pack$39.99View
DOTS41914Creative Picture Frames$29.99View
DOTS41915Jewelry Box$29.99View
DOTS41916Extra DOTS - Series 2$5.99View
DOTS41917Magic Forest Bracelet$9.99View
DOTS41919Power Bracelet$9.99View
Duplo10922Ariel's Undersea Castle$39.99View
Duplo10924Lightning McQueen's Race Day$49.99View
Duplo10931Truck & Tracked Excavator$29.99View
Friends413984+ Stephanie's House$49.99View
Friends41421Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue$29.99View
Friends41422Panda Jungle Tree House$49.99View
Friends41423Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue$69.99View
Friends41424Jungle Rescue Base$159.99View
Friends41425Olivia's Flower Garden$15.99View
Friends41426Heartlake City Park Café$29.99View
Friends41427Emma's Fashion Shop$49.99View
Friends41428Beach House$79.99View
Friends41432Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue$89.99View
Friends41433Party Boat$159.99View
Friends41434Andrea's Jungle Play Cube$12.99View
Friends41436Olivia's Jungle Play Cube$12.99View
Friends41437Mia's Jungle Play Cube$12.99View
Friends41438Emma's Jungle Play Cube$12.99View
Harry Potter40419Hogwarts Students Acc. Set$22.99View
Harry Potter75966Hogwarts Room of Requirement$29.99View
Harry Potter75967Forbidden Forest: Umbridge's Encounter$49.99View
Harry Potter759684 Privet Drive$99.99View
Harry Potter75969Hogwarts Astronomy Tower$179.99View
Harry Potter75979Hedwig$69.99View
Harry Potter75980Attack on the Burrow$149.99View
Hidden Side70433J.B.'s Submarine$29.99View
Hidden Side70434Supernatural Race Car$49.99View
Hidden Side70435Newbury Abandoned Prison$59.99View
Hidden Side70436Phantom Fire Truck 3000$99.99View
Hidden Side70437Mystery Castle$159.99View
Jurassic World75939Dr. Wu's Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout​$29.99View
Jurassic World75940Gallimimus and Pteranodon Breakout$89.99View
Jurassic World75941Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus$149.99View
Jurassic World75942Velociraptor: Biplane Rescue Mission​$39.99View
Marvel76152Avengers Wrath of Loki$89.99View
Marvel76153Avengers Helicarrier$199.99View
Ninjago40374Golden Zane MF Acc. Set$19.99View
Ninjago70685Spinjitzu Burst - Cole$15.99View
Ninjago70686Spinjitzu Burst - Kai$15.99View
Ninjago70687Spinjitzu Burst - Lloyd$15.99View
Ninjago71703Storm Fighter Battle$49.99View
Ninjago71704Kai Fighter$79.99View
Ninjago71705Destiny's Bounty$199.99View
Ninjago71717Journey to the Skull Dungeons$49.99View
Ninjago71718Wu's Battle Dragon$29.99View
Ninjago71719Zane's Mino Creature$79.99View
Ninjago71720Fire Stone Mech$99.99View
Ninjago71721Skull Sorcerer's Dragon$119.99View
Ninjago71722Skull Sorcerer's Dungeons$169.99View
Star Wars75280501st Legion Clone Troopers$44.99View
Star Wars75292The Razor Crest$199.99View
Star Wars75317The Mandalorian & the Child$29.99View
Super Mario71360Adventures with Mario Starter Course$89.99View
Technic42107Ducati Panigale V4 R$89.99View

7 thoughts on “Happy New LEGO Day

  1. Taylor Reply

    Definitely waiting for the Big W toy sale, I can’t wait to get the Hidden Side Mystery Castle there. I’ll probably finally pick up the Frozen II Arendelle Castle there as well, for a discount like that – think it’ll make a good addition to Hogwarts?
    Super excited for the new Ninjago stuff too, can’t wait to build a massive board game. Heroica will live again!

  2. Andrew Reply

    K Mart’s prices on many of these seem to already match Big W’s sale prices, so definitely check there if you don’t want to wait. Also amazon tend to match the Big W sale prices so that’s another source if stocks are uncertain. I wanted the Lambo but will wait until it turns up in a sale some time in the future, he says, hopefully.

  3. Aidan Reply

    Half of the sets are still coming soon or are already out of stock.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Lambo is now on eBay for up to $900. Seems the flippers might have cornered all available initial stock. Shame these people spoil it for fans – difficult for Lego to control unfortunately.

  5. Belinda Reply

    What was the item limit on the lambo? I was thinking to get one today, but yeah, sold out within minutes it seems.

  6. MattL Reply

    Compare 60265 Ocean Exploration Base ($120 for 497 pieces), to the the very similar design and function of 60227 Lunar space station ($80 for 412 pieces). Pay $40 (50%) extra for 85 more pieces! Some bigger and better pieces sure, but still…HAPPY NEW LEGO DAY!!!

  7. Allegra Reply

    Anybody know when the Harry Potter and Ninjago sets are going to appear in department stores like Big W? Half way through June and still not listed on websites, though Friends, City and Creator sets are.

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