Behind the scenes of the Extreme Bake-Off finale

After 10 weeks of extremely delicious competition tonight we will crown the Extreme Bake-Off champion. Good Morning Heartlake had the chance to head along to the taping of the final. Here’s your exclusive behind the scenes look at the epic baking action.


On team Banana we have Stephanie. A contestant who has blown us all away not only with the taste of her cakes but also with the beautiful decorating. “The decorating part is something that I spent a lot of time perfecting before coming on the show. My friend Emma is an amazing artist, so I think I picked up some artistic flair myself just by being around her.”


Over on team Apple we have David. The dark horse of the competition who has shocked us all with crazy flavour combinations that somehow all work. David definitely didn’t rate himself before coming on the show. “I was just a guy that liked cakes. Then I started making cakes. I never thought I’d get this far.”


Master Baker Lillie isn’t surprised that Stephanie and David will be battling it out in the final. “These two have really been stand-outs so far in the competition. Stephanie has very impressive technical skills while David is like some whacky scientist. They couldn’t be more different and it’s going to be a very interesting final.”


While the competition has had it’s frantic moments so far the finale will really ramp things up.

Lillie teases what is in store – “For the final we are out of the standard kitchen and we are taking to this incredible stage.”


Both benches have everything the contestants will need to create their masterpieces.



But what exactly will the contestants be baking? That’s where the wheel of cake comes in. Lovingly called the wheel of doom by Stephanie, the wheel of cake will be the key to the round one cook. A random spin of the wheel will provide the cake that both finalists will need to make. There are some bold combinations on this wheel so it’s going to be very interesting.

The winner of round one will go in to the final bake with a huge advantage.

The final bake will challenge both Stephanie and David to create something big. Cakes must have 2 tiers and meet a specific diameter. Failure to hit the required size will result in point deductions. A few centimetres off and that could cost you the $100k prize. Other than that it’s bakers choice in terms of flavour and decoration.



While we don’t want to give too much away we can tell you that things do get very intense. There’s flair ups not just of emotions but literal flames too. You’ll have to tune in to see how that works out.


After an epic 13 hours of baking we had to leave the building as the final judging and results were announced under the strictest of lockdowns. To find out who wins it even we will have tune in tonight.


The LEGO Friends Baking Competition set is another fantastic addition to the theme. I really love Friends sets that broaden the world of Heartlake City. The idea that Stephanie is in to baking isn’t a new character trait but the fact that the designers have taken it to the extreme of having her enter a reality TV baking competition seems very in-character.

All three of the minidolls are nice but I really love Lillie. The combined chef hat and hair element is a great piece and works well with the rest of the minidoll.

The set is well laid out with some really fun play options, including the wheel of cake and the fully set out kitchens. I really like the cute little blender Stephanie is using. My son is almost 4 and he immediately got the concept that it was a baking competition, and started playing out the characters cooking.

This set has an RRP of $69.99 but can easily be found cheaper online. Kmart and Amazon both have it available for $54. I think it’s worth the $54 price, it’s such a fun set to play with.

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  1. Andrew Reply

    Cheers Michael, you always seem to have the knack of being able to add all all kinds of sets to my “must buy” list, despite being mainly into Technic and space ;).

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