Sneak Peek At Buildable Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Some sneaky people managed to find an interesting image on the LEGO server – our first look at buildable Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures. I don’t know when this set will be released but if the image is already up on LEGO’s site it can’t be too far off.


Hopefully I will get some more official details soon.

In terms of first impressions – what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek At Buildable Mickey & Minnie Mouse

  1. Anthony Reply

    Looks great – rumoured price point of Euro180, has me fearful of the AUD price.

  2. Andrew Reply

    Not sure on this one. Too fragile for the children to play with and they look a bit strange as a display piece. They also look quite large looking at the ears and the feet, which would presumably explain the price tag Anthony mentions. Won’t be buying at that price.

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