Play Cubes are a great introduction to the world of LEGO Friends

Sometimes as AFOLs we overlook one fact about LEGO – There are new LEGO fans every year. Every year countless kids will make the transition from Duplo or 4+ sets to the standard LEGO range. It’s with that in mind that I think these play cubes are genius.

The LEGO Friends play cubes serve as a brilliant introduction to the world of LEGO Friends. LEGO Friends is a theme with clearly defined characters, each with their own interests. Having a series of vignettes for the characters just makes sense.


Each play cube features two sides each with small LEGO builds. The cubes themselves feature a glittery side and a solid colour. Each cube has a different solid colour.

The key elements of each cube are two 2×6 bracket plates that attach to the sides and provide platforms to build on.

There are stickers for each of the cubes, with the rear wall of the coloured sides featuring a large sticker to add extra detailing. The sticker sheet also include a bunch of extra stickers for you to do your own decorating.

Kinda Surprise

One interesting addition to the range is that each one comes with a sealed pouch containing a mystery pet. Except it’s not a mystery as to which pet you actually get, just the colour.

It kind of feels like somebody in a meeting said “kids love surprise toys, how do we do that?” and everybody had to force that in somehow.

Series 1 Cubes

I asked LEGO if I could check out the series 1 cubes, but since I requested them Series 2 and 3 have been revealed. I like that each series has a different theme, like shopping or the jungle.



It will not come as a surprise to anybody who knows the Friends characters that Andrea’s play cube is themed around music. On the glitter side there is a tiny little piano where Andrea’s bird can perch. The other side is yellow and includes a stage with two speakers and a microphone stand. The large sticker includes some accessories like a guitar

The Andrea minidoll features a great torso in teal and gold, and a dark blue skirt. It’s hard to see but Andrea also has some gold printing on her face, in the shape of a lightning bolt over her eye.



Stephanie’s play cube is themed around her love of baking. On the glitter side there is a small oven with some cupcakes inside and a pot on top. This side also includes a spot for her dog to sit. On the blue other side there is a bench with a great looking cake.

The Stephanie minidoll comes with a combined chef hat and hair element. The torso has an apron print and goes nicely with the blue skirt.



Olivia is the science obsessed one of the group. She’s built her own robot! On the glitter side of her cube Olivia appears to be trying to teach science to her pet Hamster.

The other side of Olivia’s cube, which is pink, features a desk with a lab setup including a bowl, flask, whisk and a printed checklist. The rear wall features a big sticker with some messy lab details.

Olivia comes with a cute yellow lab coat and skirt combo.



Mia is the outdoorsy one of the group with a love of animals. It is this love of animals that provides the theming for Mia’s cube.

On the glitter side there is a small table and a console with a computer screen. The table has a stud for Mia’s pet bunny to be placed.

On the green alternate side there is a range of accessories that you’d find in a vet clinic. There is also a scale for you to weigh the animals.

The Mia minidoll comes with a white top with some nice printed details that match the animal clinic look. Unlike the other characters Mia is wearing shorts.



The artist of the group Emma’s play cube is themed around a photo shoot for her pet cat. I feel like something around painting would have worked better than photography.

The glitter side includes a mirror with some accessories and a small desk. On the purple other side there is a camera on a stand and a small stand for the cat to be placed on.

The Emma minidoll comes with a printed one shoulder flamingo top and a light aqua skirt.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I really love the concept of these. They are cute and each one has enough elements/features to be able to play with them. These cubes aren’t just a display thing. They kind of remind me of Polly Pocket toys.

You should be able to pick up the cubes for around $10 each, which I think is pretty good value. Series 1 might be harder to find in-store now but they should still be around. Series 2 should also be out with Series 3 not far off.

The tan baseplate included in the photos above is not included in any of the sets. These sets were provided to me by LEGO at my request. Opinions expressed are my own.

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