No General Release For Monkie Kid In 2020

In the new LEGO catalogue for the second half of 2020 there was one whole theme that seemed to be missing – Monkie Kid.

I decided to get in touch with LEGO Australia to see if there was a particular reason for that. It turns out that there is… Monkie Kid will not have a regular retail release in 2020.


What does this mean? If you want to get some of the Monkie Kid sets you are going to need to head to directly [affiliate link] or head in to your local LEGO Certified store. It also means that there isn’t much chance of getting these sets at a discount.

I was informed that currently there are no set plans for 2021, so future waves may or may not be released. Also it’s possible that plans can change and somebody will be stocking Monkie Kid in the future, but the current plan is definitely no general release.

4 thoughts on “No General Release For Monkie Kid In 2020

  1. Ben Reply

    Disappointing. Without the prospect for a decent discount and this theme’s fairly above average price point, this theme will be an automatic skip for me.

  2. Dave Reply

    The sets in this theme needed at least a 30% discount to tempt me, so I’m fairly happy my wallet gets a break.

    I see they are all in stock online, unlike a heap of other themes, so I guess I’m not alone.

  3. Wt Reply

    Yep easy skip if not coming to retail. Another own goal from Lego.

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