5 thoughts on “Mickey & Minnie or a Crocodile – Which July 1st release are you excited about?

  1. Taylor Reply

    I don’t plan to get either. Mickey and Minnie are ugly and I just don’t have room for the Crocodile. I’m much more excited that the Ninjago, Harry Potter and Avengers sets will finally be available down under.

  2. Andrew Reply

    The Crocodile, but not at that price point. The current motorised goods train set can be purchased for not much more. I think I’ll be saving most of my wishlist for black friday ;).

    • wt Reply

      Agree, the Croc set price should come down a bit given it has no power functions. I got the city speed train for 120 with power functions. Should be able to get the Croc for 120 or less at some point in time. M&M might be ok for resellers to fans of disney, but not much interest here.

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