German IKEA store accidentally gives us a first look at the IKEA X LEGO collaboration

It appears that over the weekend an IKEA store in Germany got a little too eager and put out a bunch of Bygglek products several months early. Not familiar with the name Bygglek? Well that is the name given to the range of IKEA products created in collaboration with LEGO.

There were a few different products put out.

Large Box

The large box measures 35cm x 26cm x 12cm. The lid features a large studded area while the sides have a small cut-out studded area.


Small Box

The smaller box measures 26cm x 18cm by 12cm. Like the larger box it features a studded surface on top of the lid and studded cut-outs on the sides.


Combo Pack

The combo pack will give you 3 containers – 1 larger 17cm x 6cm and two smaller 13cm x 6cm.


LEGO Parts Pack

As part of the partnership LEGO will be releasing a Bygglek set that contains a selection of parts and minifigures.


These images come via the German site where you can find some additional information and a heap more images. What do you think of the range? I hope there is more than just the containers, but we’ll have to wait and see.

4 Responses to German IKEA store accidentally gives us a first look at the IKEA X LEGO collaboration

  1. Agent 86 says:

    There’s nothing too exciting here. The Lego-made storage containers from my childhood were better – there was a handle for easy carrying, the interior could be divided into multiple, smaller sections (if required) and the baseplate “lid” was green which is a bit more of a universal colour than white.

    Surely Lego x Ikea aren’t going to let the most obvious money makers pass them by – a kids play table with a studded / baseplate top and storage units underneath (like various “knock offs” found at Kmart, etc) and an AFOL-targeted bookshelf / display cabinet that is at least 4 to 5 baseplates (32 x 32 studs) wide, at least 32 studs deep, has adjustable shelf heights, fits some kind of “standard” lighting system and glass doors to keep out the dust.

    • Gavin says:

      Your two suggestions are spot on with what I’d expect from a partnership between the two companies. Instant money makers for sure.

    • Andrew says:

      Blimey, yeah I’d buy a roomful of those. Can you get yourself on the project team for this please? ;)

  2. Brad Howarth says:

    I was really hoping for something that would work with the Kallax shelving system – smaller versions of the Lekmann cubes. Here’s hoping …

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