New LEGO Certified Store Coming To Charlestown NSW

I have just spotted a very interesting LEGO related job listing on Seek – A store manager for the Charlestown Shopping Centre LEGO Certified Store.

LCS Charlestown

I don’t know a lot about Charlestown, New South Wales so I can’t tell you if it’s a good location for a LEGO store or not. Hopefully some readers can fill me in on that part of the country.

The job listing specifically mentions an August start date so it seems New South Wales’ latest LCS isn’t too far off.

If you happen to live in that part of the state and are looking for a retail job you can find out more about the position here.

Hopefully the Alceon team can provide some more information about the store soon.

5 thoughts on “New LEGO Certified Store Coming To Charlestown NSW

  1. danfallon Reply

    A PAB wall within a reasonable driving distance! I’m very pleased with this announcement.

  2. Andrew Reply

    So if Newcastle is big enough for its own store, there’s hope yet for Canberra 😉

  3. Ben Reply

    Woohoo! I love visiting the PAB wall on trips to Syd. Now one 30 min from home!

  4. Brendan Cahill Reply

    Charlestown is one of the big shopping hubs in the Newcastle region. Maiin competitors would be Myer, Target, Big W and Casey’s Toys.

    • Ben Reply

      This is now the closest store for the entire hunter region! Super excited

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