Free Mini Gingerbread House Now Available

I’m not sure if it’s a Christmas in July thing or if LEGO is just wanting you to be super prepared for real Christmas but right now if you spend $159 or more at the Australian online LEGO store you will get this cute little Gingerbread House for free.


This promotional set first appeared last year and is a great shrunk down version of the larger Creator Expert Gingerbread House released last year.

The offer ends July 31st 2020. You can find more details of the offer and start shopping here [affiliate link].

8 thoughts on “Free Mini Gingerbread House Now Available

  1. Andrew Reply

    If you can find anything in stock that you actually want, then I’d definitely recommend this GWP – it’s a great little set, a brilliant scaled-down version of the original. Looks good on the Christmas table or would be an excellent Christmas present for anyone (not like me) who is able to give away Lego ;).

  2. Pete Hayes Reply

    Is that a ‘2019’ tile at the front? Looks like they are just clearing out…

    • Andrew Reply

      No, it’s a sticker (the only one in the set) on a 2×4 white tile. We just left it off.

  3. Tim Reply

    Missed the big Gingerbread House at Christmas last year when it sold out. Jumped in and bought one last week when the double VIP points were in. Got disappointment to see this promo as I would have rather gotten this than double points – then I looked and saw the big Gingerbread House is sold out again so would have missed it anyway.
    Hopefully one day the Australian site will have something in stock for more than a couple of weeks.

  4. Saddened Reply

    It looks like the sale ended early? I can’t see details on the site anymore ????????

  5. Paul Avery Reply

    I think these moved pretty too quickly , as placed an order very early this morning ( value was plus the $159 necessary ) and no mention all of this miniature.
    I agree with Andrew its hard to find a lot of sets that are actually in stock.

  6. BrickoftheSaints Reply

    is this offer exclusive in the USA website only? Coz it still available on the Lego USA website.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      No this offer was on the Australian site but I am assuming that it sold out and was removed.

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