On Sale: Save up to $150 at David Jones

Are you a David Jones member? Me neither. But now could be the time to sign up.

From today (August 4th) until Sunday August 9th you can save up to $150 on your LEGO purchase.


Here’s how the deal works:

Spend >$500, save $150
Spend $300-$500, save $75
Spend $150-$300, save $30

These aren’t percentage discounts so if your order is sitting at $290, you’ll want to bump it up to $300.

Obviously the best deal is $150 off $500, so it might be time to stock up.

You can find the David Jones LEGO range here.

18 thoughts on “On Sale: Save up to $150 at David Jones

  1. Andrew Reply

    Becoming a “member” is as simple as giving them your email address. I’ve tried to access this offer though but can’t make it work. Probably doing some old person thing with technology again ;). They don’t have a great deal of stock online but they are (allegedly) the exclusive retailer for the Crocodile.

    • Paul Reply

      I haven’t had cause to look for the Crocodile locomotive, but previously I’ve been able to track a product down over the phone and make a phone payment for home delivery from David Jones (Myer do this as well) – sometimes if you call one site they can let you know which stores do have stock.
      People might already be well across this!

      • Michael Post authorReply

        I think you have to have that you want emails from them checked in your account preferences. Trying to work it out myself too. Will update once I find out more.

  2. Ben Reply

    Same with Andrew above, I’m a current DJ member and logged in, tried adding a few items in the cart to test the discount and nothing goes down.
    System bug?

  3. Jzque Reply

    Gday guys. I have worked it out I think. Clear your cart and sign out of the site. Then navigate to the home page and scroll down to where the ad for the rewards is shown. Look for the picture posted above. Click on sign in in the text not on the sidebar menu. Then search for lego. There will be a box between the set price and the name which says special offer. Add items to cart. The discount should now show.

    Unfortunately not all the new releases are showing.
    All is not lost. Call around the stores till you find the items in stock. They will process it over the phone. The only issue is that they will charge 9.95 postage unless you have a dj’s amex.

    I made 2 transactions. First was the volvo technic and resistance transport. 2nd was 2 of sith art and death star final duel. I wanted 3 to make the big art set as this equates to approx 30% off. They applied the 150 off to both orders and only charged one lot 9.95 shipping. Also you can ask the in store person to pack them with bubblewrap and airbags to survive the post. Online in the past comes poorly packaged with a a few air bags only.

    Good luck all

    • Andrew Reply

      Thanks for passing this on. Sadly it’s still not working for me (even if I start a new In Private session and start again) but others may have more success. Seems a good deal if you can find the new higher priced sets.

  4. Nichole Reply

    Turns out you do have to make sure that email option is set in your preferences then it takes 48hrs for the rewards to kick in. The current offer runs until August 9th (Sunday) so everyone should be able to get it on it weather they have a new account or an existing one, just get those preferences set. That information came straight from the live chat session with DJ customer service. Hope it helps and that stuff is still available, they got some of the new SW sets overnight, including the Child Brickheadz – yay!!

  5. Alex Reply

    Thanks for the heads up. Just did a test run and it seems to be working for me. I’ll wait a few more days before placing an order in case anymore of the 1/8 releases are added to their online catalogue.

    • Andrew Reply

      They seem to have sold out of most of the new releases already, they were there a couple of days ago. Still waiting for my registration to kick in. Nothing like state of the art real-time computer systems, eh? 😉

  6. Andrew Reply

    A final comment on this. Eventually (after more than an hour) got through to DJ live chat, and was told because I wasn’t using Chrome they couldn’t verify my cart for the discount. First I’ve ever come across a browser dependency for a special offer. Is this common?

    • Nichole Reply

      I had the same thing Andrew, was told to try in Chrome with Incognito mode on, still didn’t work. Spent over an hour with live chat, they told me to place an order and they would honor the discount so they could figure out what was going on, so I did, now they may not honor the discount, it’s with the verification team, which they couldn’t tell me how long it would take and I can’t cancel the order, can only return for a refund once it arrives. I even set up an account for my mum, she at least got the welcome email for the rewards program which I still haven’t. Have tried on my desktop which I have just done a full wipe and re-install 2wks ago so Wednesday was the first time I had logged into David Jones site. Have tried it on my mum’s desktop which is running Vista and just installed Chrome to try, even tried on my Android phone, nothing works, no discount for my account or the new one I set up for mum.

      Am so furious at this point that I’m ready to give up. So mad I could have got the A-Wing at 30% not to mention so many other sets. Had some savings set aside for an expected large outlay that thankfully didn’t come to pass just this last week got the good news so could have dropped a lot on Lego from this sale. Am incredibly soured by the whole experience and still have an order at full price to sort out this next week. Don’t know what’s going on with DJ this year but they are really pooping all over the customer experience, this is the second big issues I’ve had, third with a cancelled order and they haven’t had a lot of the newer stock until now, then this.

      Sorry guys, rant over lol, needed to get that out! I hope most people have had a smooth experience with this. I guess at least they now have a rewards program of some sort, if it ever gets working on my account, it’s often the difference between a 25% sale at Myer and DJ at the same time, I’ll go with Myer because of the Myer One rewards program.

      • Andrew Reply

        Thanks for the update, Nicole, sorry you had such a poor experience. Clearly there’s something wrong with their platform. I was also advised to place the order at full price and that later if verified they would refund the discount, but I declined. Like you, the whole thing just left a sour taste.

        Out of curiousity I just tried again. I now get the “special offer” box Jzque mentioned above, but no discount in the cart.

        I hope you get your discount and the sets you saved up for. There’s still nothing like getting new Lego on the doorstep :).

        • Nichole Reply

          Thanks Andrew.

          Was able to confirm with live chat this morning that the account I set up for mum is working and will get the discount so went ahead and placed orders, They said their IT was working on this issue as it is wide spread, especially with existing customers. Hopefully they come through with the discount later this week or will just sent back the goods. If I’m going to pay full price will get them from Lego when they have a double VIP event on!

          I had the same thing with the “special offer” showing up a few times on mum’s account on different machines and same outcome as you in that it still didn’t apply the discount.

          Mostly just upset about missing out on that A-wing, Myer have it on their site now so will be watching like a hawk for a good sale!

          Hope you had a good weekend and thanks for listening and replying, I think mum was getting sick of hearing about it lol, she said she’s too old (she’s 73) to listen to that much stuff about toys! Having said that she now uses Facebook a lot and somehow has got to a point of having heaps of Lego related sites in her news feed and shares a lot of posts to my page, it’s funny 🙂



  7. Andrew Reply

    Thanks again Nichole :). I’m pleased to know that it isn’t me or my choice of web browser. Not good form from DJs though, I have emailed them to that effect more for my own benefit I think.

    Strangely we got a survey request following an order my wife placed (not related to this offer), but when I clicked on it to let them know how well they were doing, I got a “sorry your session has expired” message. Presumably they think everything’s working as they never get any complaints ;).

    Hope you finally get your A-Wing and you enjoy it *thumbsup*

    • Nichole Reply

      I got the same email too after talking with them on live chat Friday, didn’t trust myself to write anything though lol!

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