FYI – The NES is back in stock

UPDATE: And it’s gone. I refreshed the page just before I hit post and it was still in stock but it seems to have gone again.

Just a quick FYI for anybody that missed the original release - 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System is back in stock at


Get yours here before they disappear again. [affiliate link]

4 Responses to FYI – The NES is back in stock

  1. Julian Wong says:

    Lol it was maybe for 30sec.

  2. Andrew Shrapnel says:

    Managed to buy one as soon as it went live but it hasn’t left the warehouse yet

  3. Jonathan Wilson says:

    If anyone in Brisbane wants one, I spotted some in stock at the Robina LEGO Store earlier today.

  4. Paul says:

    I’m stock online again

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