LEGO Announces 60271 Main Square

Pictures of this one have been floating around for a little while but now we have official details and honestly they aren’t great.

Introducing 60271 Main Square – A City set that has about 1000 less pieces than this year’s modular but somehow costs $30 more.


This set, released on September 1st, features 1517 pieces and 14 minifigures. It also has an Australian RRP of $280. Not a typo.

Included in the set is a city hall, city square park, concert stage, classic diner and a tram station. You also get vehicles including a stretch limousine, a motorbike and a handyman wagon. Finally there is not a monorail, despite the implication from the box – you get a trackless tram instead.


You can find more details of the set here. [affiliate link]

As you might be able to tell I’m not overly impressed. What do you all think?

16 thoughts on “LEGO Announces 60271 Main Square

  1. Cesar Reply

    Agree. Sounds like a rip off. Also a bit misleading regarding the monorail. I was excited thinking we would get a monorail.

  2. Andrew Reply

    I really struggle to see the value for money and the trackless tram is not clear if you can put it on tracks or what? Many disappointing sets from LEGO this year but this is right up there

  3. Andrew Reply

    Wow. I thought the Capital City set (60200) was poorly received, interesting that they should have another in the same vein. This looks just like that, essentially a bunch of poly bags/$20 sets in the same box. I liked Capital City but the asking price of $200 for 1200 pieces seemed steep. Thankfully it was available at substantial discount not long after release.

    The price of this looks way out of line. Even the US ask ($US200) seems excessive compared to other recent non-licensed sets like the Crocodile (1270 pieces, $US100). As you comment, Michael, the modular Bookshop represents far better value and looks a more interesting build. If you want to build a tram, buy 60197 and mod it (from the pics it looks as if the builds are similar). That set even includes Powered Up components.

    I’d probably pick it up at 30% off, but even then there would probably be sets I’d rather have for that kind of money.

    BTW, what’s the difference between a “trackless tram” and a trolley bus? Asking for a friend 😉

  4. Evan Reply

    I wish I woke up each morning feeling as optimistic as Lego is with that price.

  5. Andrew Reply

    PS Just noticed that this set has the same $A price as the Mickey and Minnie set (1700 pieces) despite the latter’s Disney tax.

  6. GJBricks Reply

    Got to agree. Not impressed with that price point. A couple of big pieces but nothing to warrant an $80 hike over previous sets.

    There’s nothing value wise that jumps out. But there is a lot of playability I think. And yay… another quad bike (note: sarcasm).

    And that “monorail” was always a raised track with those nose cones. It was too wide to be a monorail.

  7. sterow Reply

    I actually really like the set; I like these kinds of “regular world” sets (either in the city line, or the 3 in 1 creator sets) as a cheaper city option alternative to the modulars. But that doesn’t work when they cost so much.

    There seems a few cost things that seem odd lately. I’m not even thinking about the Grand Piano and Art pieces, which I accept are “deluxe” items and get priced at a premium; but things like the Grievous Star Fighter where the price just seems like a mistake.

  8. Nicole Reply

    I like some of the elements but that price is ridiculous. No value for money and nothing exceptional to warrant the cost. I wonder how many sets they’ll actually sell at that price.

  9. Charlotte Reply

    Bummer it’s not a real monorail. That price is totally crazy too! Nothing in this set compels me to buy it & the price really turns me off anyway. So many other sets I’d rather spend that money on. I’ll pass.

  10. magamfrost13 Reply

    I saw pictures of this yesterday and thought “oh, that’s a mediocre ~$100 city set I have no interest in”. $280! What? How!?

  11. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    If it wasn’t such poor value I might be interested.
    There is no licensed IP in there so that can’t be the explanation for the high price.
    Its overpriced everywhere not just Australia so the exchange rate isn’t a factor.

    What’s ridiculous is that its MORE expensive than the passenger train even though that set contains an expensive bluetooth hub/controller/motor combo AND a full loop of track.

  12. Ben Reply

    Absolute trash from Lego. I’d love the burger shop as a $30 set, but $280 is beyond crazy. Would consider it at a 50% discount.

  13. Ben Reply

    The minifigures are nice. Lego must really think kids are into their Lego City Adventures show.

  14. Britney Reply

    You’re 100% correct on this one. Simply not worth the money. I’ve heard the opinion that this is recycled rejects and I have to say there’s nothing exciting in it for the whopping price tag. RIP 60271, you’ll sit on the shelves with Trolls boxes ready for Boxing Day.

  15. Ange Reply

    Just for comparison – you could buy the the tree house kit for the same RRP as this. A far more impressive kit with over 3000 pieces!!

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