Charlestown Square LEGO Store is having a preview event

Have you been hanging out for the opening of New South Wales’ latest LEGO store? If so you may be excited to learn that they are having a special preview event.

Dates: Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th August 2020
Times: 10:00AM – 5:00PM (1hr sessions).

Plus, spend over $199.99 and RECEIVE A FREE GIFT (valued at $29.99).

To reserve your spot, go to:

There are VERY limited spots available so get in quick.

4 thoughts on “Charlestown Square LEGO Store is having a preview event

  1. Ben Reply

    So glad this is opening, but with the pandemic I might wait a week or two for crowds to calm down.

  2. Andrew Reply

    I’d love to have a store near me. No stock online or at any of the majors is frustrating.

  3. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Its time they gave Perth and Adelaide and Canberra a go. All 3 have enough customers (both AFOLs and parents/general LEGO buyers) to make a store in each city viable IMO.

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