Razor Crest Available From Amazon Australia

Been hanging out for the Mandalorian’s awesome Razor Crest? Well you may be interested to know that it is now available to purchase from Amazon Australia – and slightly below RRP too!

The set can be yours for $172.22 instead of the RRP price of $199.99


Get yours here. [affiliate link]

9 thoughts on “Razor Crest Available From Amazon Australia

  1. Scott Powell Reply

    If you’re willing to pay another $50 you might get lucky at zing stores… Doubt they’ll last long.

  2. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Also listed on the K-Mart website so its not an Amazon exclusive in Australia (although its currently out of stock on the K-Mart site)

  3. Matt Cowan Reply

    I was able to order from Kmart this morning at $169. A couple of days and a few $$ ahead of lego.com

      • Paul Reply

        Ouch. Thanks to Jonathan’s tip on Thursday I placed a click + collect Kmart order and it went through without hassle.

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