LEGO accidentally reveals UCS Cantina and Elf Clubhouse

The Korean LEGO Facebook page has accidentally shared our first look at the UCS Mos Eisley Cantina and Elf Clubhouse.

Both sets are yet to be officially announced, but in the meantime enjoy these small previews…



11 thoughts on “LEGO accidentally reveals UCS Cantina and Elf Clubhouse

  1. Stephen Reply

    This is the Cantina set I’ve been waiting for, still missing a Bith band member unfortunately but otherwise looks good.

  2. Xavier Reply

    Looks like a Desktop PC with a CRT monitor at the back? Santa can’t afford LCD? 🙂

  3. Brick Chap Reply

    I wonder if this could be used for a lodge? The reindeer is great, pity it will look out of place next to the brick built ones. Not keen on the computer since the WV is meant to be roughly the same time period as the modular buildings. At least its an older style one.

  4. Bart Reply

    Mos eisley looks like a great set that should be fun to MOC further. Hope the Star Wars / Disney tax doesn’t make it prohibitively bad for the wallet.

    • Nicholas Reply

      Disney tax is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, all the prices of LEGO sets are legos decisions alone

      • Troy Reply

        Pretty hard to not notice that licensed sets, and yes, especially those based on Disney brands, are almost always more expensive than Lego original theme sets with equivalent price counts.
        Lego has to pay licensing to Disney for sets based on their properties and those extra costs included in the price of the set.

        • sterow Reply

          Understand that point, and it makes sense on the face of it, but not sure it’s still true. For example City seems to be especially expensive and it’s not licensed.

          • Nicholas

            LEGO increases the prices of LEGO sets like Star Wars because if their license, not because of licensing fees or any of that BS people will make you believe, but because they know people recognise and love the Star Wars license so they feel they can get away with higher prices

  5. Jisoon Reply

    That Cantina kit looks like it is going to be super expensive…….. wouldn’t be surprised if it was $599.00. Saying that it is a must have for me. Saving the pennies now……

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