Mix Up Giveaway Results

I know that a lot of people have been hanging out for the results of the Bricking Around Mix-up giveaway.

It was a tough one to decide as there were so many fantastic entries. In total there were 48 different ideas submitted. I am blown away by the talent of the Bricking Around community and I’m definitely going to have to try and do more building challenges in the future. I wish I could have given away 20 prizes for this one.

After a lot of deliberation I narrowed it down to my top four and here they are in order…

(You can check out all of the entries at the end of this post)

4th place – Elvendale Squadron

Using dark magic and secrets of the Sith, Noctura has built the SHADOW STAR, which has bathed Elvendale in an eternal night, taking away all light and magic. It has put the dragons and the magical creatures into a deep sleep, so the Elves have built airships adapted to each of their elemental powers, to make the journey to Noctura’s moon-like creation.
Farran usually flies his Y-wing close to the earth, and Ms Spry is ready to shoot acorns at anyone within range. Aira flies in her A-wing, faster through the air than anyone else. Azari brings the firepower in her B-wing. Naida is transporting Goblins in her U-wing who are ready with their water cannons. Emily Jones joins Lumia in her X-wing. The most balanced ship, it can be a focal point for the elemental energy of the other four, amplifying their collective power.
The Elves’ Alphabet Squadron will have to get past Noctura’s own Shadow Wing; patrols of dark blue and teal TIE fighters piloted by her loyal shadow bats. Only by uniting their magic will they be able to make the dangerous journey and succeed at bringing the light back to Elvendale…

A fantastic mash-up of LEGO Elves and Star Wars. While I never really got in to Elves I know enough about it to appreciate how great these builds are. They combine the characters and colours of Elves with the ships of Star Wars really well.

3rd place – Heartlake City Walker

Olivia, with a little help from Zobo and inspiration from LEGO set 8129, has built her friends the Heart Lake City walker! Olivia is in the cockpit, Stephanie is on the rooftop garden making hotdogs, Emma is in the rear studio being creative, and Andrea is DJing an awesome set while Mia busts some moves. The HLC walker has a working winch (that Zobo has been testing), a generous supply of cute critters, a letter box (so the girls never miss a party invite), blue tools for on-the-go repairs, and the dance floor can be removed to reveal a hot tub! It’s the must-have walker for all best-friends-forever!

There were a couple of Friends + Space/Star Wars submissions but this one really stood out because of not only how great the build is but how well it captures the essence of Friends. This really nails the characters. I mean it’s got Emma making art and Andrea making music.

2nd place – LEGO Architecture LEGO City Skyline

Taking its rightful place among other great world cities such as London, Paris and New York, at last LEGO City joins the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection. The skyline captures the architectural diversity of this great city with buildings such as the iconic Fire Station, iconic Police Station, iconic Donut Shop and iconic Monorail Station.

Surely the first point of call for visitors and those under arrest alike must be the Police Station. One of the most redeveloped buildings in the city, it is shown here as it was in 2011 prior to redevelopment in 2014, 2017 and again in 2020.

Another major tourist attraction, the Fire Station stands out with its striking red colour scheme. Sliding down the yellow pole is a popular activity for visitors.

A recent addition to the city, the Donut Shop makes a change from the primary-colour palette that has been popular for so long in LEGO City. Construction problems that plagued the giant donut on the roof are now largely resolved.

Rounding off the Skyline is the city’s Monorail station. Although officially decommissioned, the Monorail remains hugely popular and, despite aging infrastructure, is much used for transport around the city.

A great concept that was really well executed. To be honest I can almost picture LEGO releasing this as a promotional set.

Winner – Viking Theme Park

What’s better than Vikings or Theme Parks? How about a Theme Park Built by Vikings. The ride/park activities may not be very politically correct, but they almost write themselves…from “Pillage-the-Village”, to “Whack-a-Monk” & “Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Wolf” to my personal favorite however “Can-Man-Fly” which is the example I have attached for your consideration.

Congratulations to overall winner Marcus for his Viking Theme Park. This year LEGO gave their theme park sets a name – The Fairground Collection. Marcus has taken that idea and thought “but what about Vikings?”. While I was trying to decide the overall winner I kept coming back to this because the world that Marcus created really combines the concepts. It’s not just a Viking themed theme park, it’s a theme park owned and operated by Vikings, with everything that entails. The complete lack of concern for safety, the sheer terror on the faces of the patrons, vikings on clean-up duty. It’s a great concept and a really great build to go with it.

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3 thoughts on “Mix Up Giveaway Results

  1. Kelvin Reply

    A lot of good entries and a very well deserved winner. Great execution on a cool idea of fairground crossover with viking for a good sized MOC.

    Agree with Lego architecture city, would be a fantastic GWP.

  2. Morris Reply

    Congratulations to the winners. Tough competition. Love the creativity shown.

    I submitted the Mario Kart idea combining the Nintendo Lego with Technic.
    After submitting my entry, I made more karts for other characters. I’ve made 4 so far and planning to build at least 8 different vehicles.

    Thank you for the idea of the comp. I would never have tried making Mario Kart otherwise.

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